WOW! Where to begin. This has been a week, I will NEVER forget.
The week started with your usual stuff: work, coordinating the kids, meetings and homework with the girls.
Wednesday started out horrible. First thing in the morning, I was dealing with a stressful work issue that took up most of my morning, luckily I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice lunch at Tsunami with Greg & Karen. Thought my day was turning around, but little did I know that it was during this lunch, lives would be rocked.
After I finished lunch, I sent my typical daily text to Shane:
My txt: “how’s your day going, I had a good lunch”
His txt: “I am having an issue. I’ll tell you later”
My txt: “You ok or work related?”
His txt: “I’ll call you when I can”
My txt: “I am worried”
His txt” Its ok”
Then NOTHING for an hour an half. (Hind sight: In Shane fashion, he didn’t want to worry me, I understand he didn’t want to worry me, but he did anyway and I’ll give him crap about this later. :p) It was during this very long hour and half that I was really getting worried. The year before Shane had kidney stones. And he’s always been concerned about his heart.  At first, I thought it’s no big deal, I am over reacting (A common occurrence in my family), he’s fine. I spoke with my sister and I started to wig little. What’s going on? What could be wrong? Why isn’t he telling me? Is he okay? Where he is? When is he going to call? All of those scary worse case scenarios running through your head. The only thing that really kept me from going to crazy was the client issue from that morning was being taken care of at 4 pm, it was consuming most of my brain power.
Moments before walking into speak with my client, Shane calls. “I am ok right now, but they think I am having a heart attack.  But I think it may be a panic attack. They are taking me to IHC in Murray. I am waiting for my parents to come pick me up.” To be honest, I don’t remember much of the rest of the conversation because the only thing standing out in my mind was Shane might be having a heart attack, oh no, please no!!
I raced through my meeting with my client and immediately called Shane back. He said his parents where on their wayI said to Shane I can come get you right now, he said no, they are on their way, I’ll meet you at the hospital.
I immediately took the girls to my mom’s and raced to the hospital. I joined his mom and dad in the ER as we anxiously awaited tests results.
Shane was in a lot of pain in his chest and his jaw. He didn’t have a lot of color and you could tell he was in a lot of pain even though he was trying to be tough.
The doctor came in to ask about his pain level. As Shane explained how he felt, the doctor nodded and explained his blood work came back with issues and they were keeping over night. The cardiologist would be soon to talk to him. Our mouths hung open. We couldn’t even believe it. Even then I don’t think I fully registered what was in store for him that night.  Shane and I stared at each other. It was everything I could do to keep from crying and looking into his eyes, I knew I better pull it together and be strong for him. 
Both in shock, Shane explained to his mom what the doctor just said. She was also shocked. Moments later, Dr. Adam Elhaddi, the cardiologist came in and said to Shane and us “You are in the middle of a heart attack” then preceded to explain this “silent killer” as he called it. This type of heart attack rarely shows on an EKG, but they can tell from blood work. He strongly recommended Shane had an angioplasty. Shane asked the doc, if you were me would you,  and he said yes, so Shane said let’s do it.
So many things went racing through my head. I was wondering what Shane was thinking and feeling getting this type of news. Oh his poor kids. They need their dad. Fear, anxiety, love, tons of emotions racing through my mind and my heart. I looked at his incredible mother. I knew how much I was feeling but I am sure it can’t come close what she was feeling for her son. Nancy is such a kind and strong woman. She immediately asked Shane if he wanted a blessing from his brothers. I don’t even remember if he answered but I said YES! She wasn’t even talking to me but I knew a blessing would be a good thing right now.
The next hour was a bit of a blur.  Before we knew it his brothers and their wives where there. We gathered in the ER waiting room while Nancy tearfully spoke to the family.  I have to say, what I  experienced that night with Shane’s family was one of the touching, tender, loving experiences of my life. They are a wonderful family. The Johnson family went into action. His brothers and his parents went back to give Shane a blessing. I stayed with Emilie and started to call our friends, my family and Shane’s friends explaining to them what we knew so far.  “Shane is having a heart attack” I said to so many people. Each time I said it, it still didn’t sink in.
Next thing, Nancy is asking me to come back to the ER, they are ready to take him to the Cath Lab for his angioplasty. Nancy and I walked with Shane to the 5th floor in the IHC Heart and Lung wing of the hospital. They told us we had to wait while they got Shane ready. We already had to wait a little longer, apparently there was another patient with a heart attack more severe than Shane’s that got to go first. Selfishly I was thinking, no, Shane first, but I understood.
We took turns visiting Shane, 2 at a time in the ICU while we waited for the Cath Lab to open. Finally about 9:30 pm they took him. It was the longest 1 hour and 1/2 EVER!!  I sat with Shane’s family, JT, Stacy, Bruce and Tony and we waited. We laughed and chatted, helping pass the time. JT and Stacey brought hamburgers for everyone and we did our best to enjoy each other’s company while we waited for news about Shane. (Hamburgers on the Heart ward of the hospital, we are so mean! Those heart patients were probably drooling at the smell of the grease.) Silently, I was praying so hard. Begging God not to take him. He had too much still left to do. He needed to be there for his kids and selfishly, I wanted and needed him too. We were just starting our lives together. I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life. I knew Shane was strong. I knew his will to live was strong. But the fear of the unknown is a scary thing.
FINALLY! A nurse came out and explained they found 100% blockage in one artery and placed a stent. We gasped. I remember thanking God right there that he was going be okay that they had caught it and disaster averted. He said the doctor would be out to talk to us soon and we could see him soon as well.  Dr. Elhaddi was great, he came out talked to all of us, explained what he had done to Shane with pictures of Shane’s heart. (Really… our Shane… thin, active, eats great Shane….. WOW… 100% blockage, that’s insane)
We went back to see him. He looked so good and so bad all at the same time. My heart broke for him, but I breathed a sigh of relief. This man I love was laying there after just having a stent placed near his heart and in true Shane fashion is cracking jokes at his nurse Steve.  Shane had a wonderful nurse named Steve who was going to help Shane get through the next few hours. (I believe Steve helped Shane with his speed recovery with some of the things he did for Shane that night) The family checked in on him and we all said goodnight. I went back to his room and watched nurse Steve attend to Shane.  He was putting pressure on his femoral artery and an ice pack brick to help the swelling. I knew Shane was in good hands and there was nothing I could do. So I decided to go home.
After getting lost in the hospital while I was leaving, I finally found my car. I sat down in the seat and cried. I was so proud of Shane and his amazing strength. I was relived. I loved this man so much. The thought of losing him scared me, as I know it did for so many others. I love his family dearly. Much of the man Shane is today, you can see he got from his parents. His brother Derek and his wife Rekehl, his brother Adam and his wife Emilie are amazing too. They are all so loving and I am honored they include me and my girls in their incredible family. When I got home, Rylee had made me a heart peanut butter cookie and a cute note. My girls are so sweet and loving.

The next morning all I could think about was getting back to the hospital. Shane looked SO much better. He was sitting up and talking with his mom when I walked in. So much better from the night before. Shane had me take this photo to post on Facebook so he could communicate with everyone about what was happening. His phone was ringing and dinging with texts and calls. I was his temporary assistant answering people so he could rest.  I think he likes this new service, having an assistant to do his dirty work, too bad it was only temporary….heehee! :)
Thursday was a better day. The shock of what happened on Wednesday settled in and everyone was greatful it was a new day. Shane had so many visitors come and see him. It is an incredible tribute to the type of man that he is. It was nice to meet some of the people I heard a lot about but never met. Emilee was so sweet and took the girls to their house for a few hours to play while I stayed with Shane. The girls loved it. They love playing with Lucy, Jonah and Danny! Thank you Emilie for letting them come play.
Friday morning he was looking even better. So he had me take this picture:
He was doing so much better. I was thrilled to see how well he was doing.  Shane, Nancy and I enjoyed a nice morning visiting. Then I enjoyed having lunch with Nancy. More of Shane’s awesome friends and family came by to visit through out the afternoon and evening. Emilie and Adam brought us dinner that night. I am sure it was a nice change of pace from hospital food for Shane.
I came home that night to find Tristyn asleep in my bed with markers and a cute note for Shane. She has such a big heart.
Saturday was coming home day. So being the last day, we decided to have some fun and took this picture.  He was getting his ass outta there. And Shane was getting antsy to get out of there! Can ya blame him? :)
I have to say how impressed I was with the Dr.’s and nursing staff in the IHC Heart and Lung center in Murray. They were so attentive, sweet, funny and took amazing care of Shane.
We were thrilled he got to come home on Saturday. Then Nurse Meg took over. I don’t think Nurse Meg is as nice as the nurses at IHC. She’s pretty strict and wants to make sure Shane doesn’t over do it. Hopefully Shane still loves Nurse Meg at the end of this weekend.
It’s events like this that remind you how grateful you are for your life, love, and good family and friends. You feel blessed to have your health and the people you love around. The good thing from this event is we are ALL going to be eating better. The most stubborn person about this change will be me. However, I support Shane and we want him to be around for a long time. Eating better will improve his health, my health and our kids health. That will be a GOOD thing!
Oh on and on top of everything…. Shane’s house went up for sale this week. That could have been what gave him the heart attack. Okay, no not really, but pretty darn close! If you are interested in an adorable house in Sugarhouse, check out the listing! Great house for a great price.

On Sunday, we celebrated Shane’s son, Riley’s 15th birthday. His wonderful parents hosted the party as Shane was outta commission to host it. Nobody skipped a beat. It was a fun night celebrating his birthday with pizza, loads of kids, craziness and cake! It really was the perfect way to end the week!!