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Life Changing Week

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WOW! Where to begin. This has been a week, I will NEVER forget.

The week started with your usual stuff: work,

Is it Spring or Summer?

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As I write this I am looking at snow, SNOW??!! in April, typical wacky Utah weather. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and today we have snow.

Luck of the Irish

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I’ve been writing this blog post off and on for 2 weeks. It captures a good portion of what us girls have been up to.

All Moved!

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After a month of anticipating a move and selling my house, it’s all done! I am all moved and ready to close and sell my house soon.

Adult Truths

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I am working on my moving post. In the meantime, someone posted this on Facebook from a friend of a friend and I thought it was hilarious I had to share.

Things We Dig!

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Since our life is consumed with PACKING right now and blogging about that is pretty much boring, the girls and I were talking about things we like.