As I write this I am looking at snow, SNOW??!! in April, typical wacky Utah weather. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and today we have snow.

The girls and I enjoyed the nice weather on Friday and tried out the Gelato place in SoDA Row in Daybreak. It was yummy. We goofed around on the swings for a while. It was fun. I have to say we love living in Daybreak.

Heather and I enjoyed a nice run on the Draper Parkway and I enjoyed a stroll around the Daybreak lake. Ready for Spring to come! I run the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon in 2 weeks. Geez I hope I am ready. Better step up the running for another week. Races always make me nervous. I train but then I always wonder if I’ll be ready. Just got to do it!

Speaking of races, several of my girlfriends signed up to the Dirty Girl race July 2 this week. 4 miles in the mud obstacle course.  If there are any chicky’s who want to come play with us. Register at their link and choose Dirty Chick’s and our team captain is Barbara Barrow. Here’s our team logo.

I went to lunch with Paula this week. Enjoyed a delicious meal at Eva’s downtown. Fun place for lunch if you are in the area. Always fun to enjoy a meal with good friends.

And of course, when we are bored, Tristyn dance’s for us!! Always entertaining!!