After a month of anticipating a move and selling my house, it’s all done! I am all moved and ready to close and sell my house soon. (Noticed I said moved, however, not unpacked)

The great part about moving is purging. Boy did I purge. While the guys were moving me, they probably didn’t think that cause I have so much stuff! But if they really knew how much I had before….. well…. I really cleaned house. The problem often with more room is you just don’t throw away stuff like you should, you just put it in another drawer. Even as I start to unpack, I continue to purge. Feels GREAT! I was inspired this morning by the show ‘Clean House” maybe I can be the next organization and purging guru… naw… I’ll stick to my day job.

Here’s a few pictures of the old house in disarray, preparing for the move. (I know the guys were glad they didn’t have to move the entertainment center.

Moving day kicked into high gear on Saturday! Everyone was there by 10 am and we loaded up. I didn’t take long for me to do something spaztic. I stepped wrong off a rock taking chairs to the trailer and rolled my ankle. I was trying to be brave but dang it hurt. I wobbled the rest of the day. (Even stepped on it wrong again later, geez.. how long have I been walking).

Huge thanks to: Shane, Cory, JT, Dan, Bruce, Derek, Adam, Jeff, Tanner, Ryan, Issac, Stacey, Brody, Heather, My Mom, Ashley and Tiffany. Love you all so much for helping me get it done!

Once we got to my new place, even my new neighbors helped bring in things.

I think the best part of the move was watching the guys get the bed up the stairs.

We took a break and ate pizza. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me move.

Heather, my mom and Ashley got me unpacked in the kitchen and in several rooms so the first night it felt more like a home.

The girls LOVE their new home. They are excited for their new rooms and to live in Daybreak!

Now I just have to unpack it all as it’s all in the garage. It’s funny when we realize we are missing something. Poor Tristyn is still missing her shoes. (Yes, that second picture is the walkaway I have from the garage to the back door in the new house.)