I’ve been writing this blog post off and on for 2 weeks. It captures a good portion of what us girls have been up to. Guess it’s better late than never!

St. Patrick’s Day
Aww the luck of the Irish! I love that on one day everyone dresses up in green or they get to pinch you! I think we should get to pinch when we want. At least that’s all my girls think its for. Oh and go find a leprechaun so they can find some gold. This was fun because Tristyn was so sure, we’d find a pot of gold on our front porch. Boy to I wish! In true holiday celebration, the girls and I ate Egg Pancakes (they are like Crepes but thicker) and they were green.

We are still unpacking. It seems like a never ending chore. I need to focus and get it done. However, working and the girls are taking priority. I’ll get to soon. It’s driving me crazy not to park in the garage especially after my break in right after I moved in. Hard to believe I’ve been living here for almost a month.

Silly Tristyn
This is one of the many things I love about Tristyn! Here’s the latest of her questions:

Tristyn: “Mom, why do people smoke crack?”
Me: “It’s dangerous and bad for you”
Tristyn: “I know its bad, but why would they put the cigarette in their crack?”
Me: “What?”
Tristyn: “You know, put the cigarette in their bum crack. Why would someone smoke crack?”

Herriman Rec Center
The thing about living in Herriman is there not a lot of anything. So when something big like the new rec center opens, everyone and I mean EVERYONE goes because it’s the hottest thing in the town to happen. The girls and I, like all the other residents in Herriman went on Saturday to swim. It’s a beautiful facility. But crazy when the entire town is there at the same time. Hopefully, the newness will wear off soon! It was fun to run into everyone we knew. Love small towns!

The girls have been on an egg kick. Eggs for breakfast, eggs for a snack. I am not going to complain. I’d rather have them eating eggs than candy. Rylee was bored making eggs one morning and got a head jump on Easter and decorated the eggs. I got a good laugh when I opened the fridge. When I tried to crack them, she made noises like I was killing them.

Lunch with Tristyn
About once a quarter, the girls love mom to come have lunch with them and bring them fast food. I brought Tristyn Wendy’s and then played with her and her friends on the playground. I had a lot of fun with those silly 8 year olds! Tristyn has been sticking out her tongue in photos since she was 3 months old.

Mom’s and Muffins
The school, Silvercrest, every year does Mom’s and Muffins. We go early to school, eat muffins and read. It usually ends up the girls and I start socializing with their friends and their moms. It’s fun all the same. It’s nice to enjoy time with the girls and see what they are doing in school. I look forward to it every year! (Nice pose Ry!)

There a bunch of other things happening in our lives, more to come on future blog posts!

Is it Spring yet?? I am tired of cold and snow! 
I am ready for flip flop, swim suits, bike rides and more fun in the sun.

T-minus 3 weeks until the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon!