First, let me say “Where is Spring?” It’s April 29, 2011 and it’s SNOWING!! Really – COME ON! Anyway, lots has been happening over the last 2 weeks. The most important thing since my last post is Shane is doing much better. He looks fantastic, feels good and it doing so great since the heart attack. He had his follow up appt on Tuesday and the doc said everything is looking good!

Race Season Kicks Off
Ran the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon and wasn’t really ready. I did it because I need to train for the 1/2 Ironman in August. I figured why not. I felt great the first 7 miles, okay until about 9.5 and then hit the wall. UGH! Frustrating to hit that wall when you know you only have a few more miles to go. However I finished and it felt great to kick off racing season.  Next race is Goldielock’s on May 7. Gosh I hope it warms up.

Fun with the Johnson’s
Emilie and I had decided to go to lunch. Lunch with the gals turned into lunch with the kids at Chick Fila. Which was fun! Good change! We went back to Emilie house and decided to take the kids to see RIO. We all had a great time. It was a blast to hang with Adam, Emilie and the kids.

I like Easter. It’s the holiday when you know the weather is going to get better. (Except this year). I love Peanut Butter eggs. Sooo YUMMY!! They are my weakness at Easter! Easter weekend started off great.  I took the girls for pedicures. Pedicures always make you feel wonderful.

We went to Mom’s for Easter dinner and egg hunt. What I love about Easter at my mom’s is how she divides the backyard for all the grandkids to hunt in their area. The best part about this year was mom roped off an extra area and didn’t put anything down. haha! Go MOM! This Easter was special because we spent it with Shane, Erin and Riley. Our first Easter together. This year will be a lot first for our family!

We also had Easter with the Johnson’s. This was our first time joining their family. I appreciate so much how much their family makes us feel welcome. We had a great time! We also found out Shane’s house sold. YAY!

Aunt Norma 
My mom’s sister, Norma died at the age of 81. When my uncle Kurt died in 2004, Norma checked out. She had been in a rest home for several years. I have very fond memories of my Aunt Norma.  Hard to believe she and mom are 22 years apart. It was good to see family we hadn’t seen in a while. Sad we only see them at funerals and weddings.

During the service, Uncle Steven passed Tiffany and I this note. He’s silly! He couldn’t wait to rub whiskers with us following the service. Something that as a child scared the crap out of me. It hurt and he used to hold us down and rub his whiskers on our faces. Now we just giggle when he tries.

Maturation Program
Oh my baby is growing up. Rylee and I went to the 5th grade maturation program. Rylee was nervous and not excited to go. We sat with her friends and their mom’s and I have to say, these girls were blushing and giggling. Amazing they did this whole presentation about periods, growing up and avoided saying sex.