WOW! This week felt like a crazy week between work, packing, and kid activities! Here’s a highlight of our week.

Lunch with My Cousin Melissa
Missy is my Mom’s sister’s Marlene daughter. I have tons of childhood memories with Melissa. Living just a few house up the street, we saw each other a TON! Some of my fondest childhood memories was watching Missy, Amy and Michelle do their makeup and hair. I wanted to be just like them. I even started liking Duran Duran because Missy did. I love going to lunch with her! Love her so much!Rylee’s trip to the Symphony
Rylee was looking forward to their 5th grade class field trip to the symphony. We went to JcPenny’s and found her a cute new spring dress.

House went on the market Tuesday and we have OFFERS!
I am in shock. Not even a week on the market and the house is showing like crazy with offers already. We’ll be taking it off the market I think today (Sunday) because we have enough offers. I am so happy the house is going to sell fast. If all goes well, we’ll be closed and done by April. I have started to pack as we are t-mins 19 days until moving day.

Spirit Week at Silvercrest
This week was spirit week at school and the girls got to dress up. Their favorite day was crazy day. As you can see from the picture. They fit right in!

Daddy’ Daughter Dance for Activity Days
For activity days, the girls were invited on a Valentine’s date night with their dad at the church. There was dancing and food in the cultural hall. The girls had so much fun! The primary leaders did such a great job putting this together! Excited the girls could do something so fun with their friends in the ward before we move.

Justin Bieber Movie
Of all the things I can think of to do on a Saturday, this was not one of them. HOWEVER! The girls had been begging me for weeks to take them. Soooooo… I did! While sitting through this movie was painful for me, the girls LOVED IT! They have the Bieber fever. They each took a friend and with a room of screaming girls, we saw the movie. I have earned my cool mom star for the week for sure!

Wierd Tongue & Another Lost Tooth
Saturday Tristyn developed this strange blister on the end of her tongue. Very bizarre. Hope it goes away in a few days or it will be a trip to the doctor. In addition to her wierd tongue, she lost another tooth! Her bottom one. Time for a tooth fairy visit on Sunday night!