One week down! I felt good about my first week. Love my ironman trainer Nichole from TriLivingIt. She’s awesome. She’s been there done that and is just an all around great gal. Today, however, my GUT decided not to work with me. I woke up with it and as I type, still not feeling good. I was doing speed work on the track. Running to the restroom inbetween each run set, awful!

I think I know the reason for the gut issues and that reason makes me even more mad it interfered. It’s hard being a mom. You want the best for your kids! You want to protect them from the crazy and bad influences, just put them in a bubble safe. That’s what makes it even harder when you find out things that could possibly not be good for them. Stresses you OUT! Stress goes right to my gut!!

After a big week of training, the best thing you can do is hang with your family. Grandma Johnson took Rylee to breakfast for her birthday. Then Shane and I took the kids to City Creek. We hadn’t been and decided to take the train in and make day of going to the city! We had a blast!! Shopping, dinner at Cheesecake Factory, more shopping and ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s at the Gateway.

Perfect end to the week.