My daughter Rylee is amazing. I know every parent says that about their child, but she truly is. She is so smart, beautiful and talented. Her and I both joke about how much she’s like me, but she much better then I ever was. Every day she wows her mom. I love her good heart. Her ability to see through people’s crap is priceless. She rolls with the punches and keeps a good sense of humor about life. She’s loyal to her friends. She outgoing and a not a afraid to be a goof. She has amazing strength as such a young age.

She’s a good big sister and always has been. Sisters will fight but I am grateful they have each other! Her little sister Tristyn looks up to Rylee. She wants to be just like her.


We call her Ry Bear, she is 13 years old. She’ll always be “bear.” Sorry honey, a nick name that has stuck with your mom and dad. She’s a crazy 7th grader and a full speed teenager! Her first term in Jr. High her grades were FANTASTIC!! She’s worked hard and it’s paying off. She wants to be a writer when she grows up. Even her teachers tell me how creative and “out of the box” Rylee is. In her words

My dream is to be a writer. Not a big writer who makes millions of dollars a day, but to write anonymously & leave people amazed and baffled by my work!

You go sweetheart. I think that is wonderful! I know you’ll amaze people as you get older, that I have no doubt. I am sure some of the drama in her childhood will make for good stories and keep her the creative writer as she gets older. hahaha!!

She calls everything “boss” “legit” and “awesome.”  Awe the teenage lingo. Friends are cool, parents are lame and she’s in the land of “I know it all”!

You don’t know until you have a child how much you want them to be happy. My girls are my world, they come first in all I do. As a parent, as they get older, it’s even more nail biting to let your child grow, learn, develop, make mistakes and just be there to help guide them along their path. It’s their path, they have to make decisions and mistakes, it’s how they learn. It’s not always what you would do, but it’s what they need to do. That’s an important lesson I’ve learned as a parent. I know my daughter always knows I am there. I am grateful for our long talks, our jokes, laughs and heart to hearts! Now if she would just clean her room! :)

I am so deeply grateful for the relationship we share. I am proud of her every day; for the woman she is growing into and the woman she already is.