Love Week

This week kicked off with Valentine’s Day! It’s kind of a lame holiday. I prefer telling those I love, that I love them all year round, but hey, that’s just me! The great part about the week is that overall it was layed back and kind of uneventful. I like uneventful, I need more uneventful! :)

The girls had SO much fun making cards for their classmates and their Valentine’s Day boxes. It’s fun to see the girls get excited about a boy in their class they “like” to give a Valentine too.  Every year, I give the girls Valentine’s goodies. They LOVED their oversized giant pencils and journal pillow.

Tristyn made me a cookie for Valentine’s it was gooood. I LOVED it!


For Valentine’s Day, my Valentine added to my bracelet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bracelet!

I Love Packing
Right now, my life is consumed with packing, packing and MORE PACKING! I’ve been de-cluttering and throwing away for 2 weeks. Now begins the actually boxing up begins.

I Don’t Love Beeping & More Beeping
The good news – the house is sold! I LOVE that!  However, since I signed the offer, strange things have been happening in the house. All of the batteries in the smoke detectors suddenly started to beep and all of them had to be changed in 2 days. These were not easy to change. Then we had a carbon monoxide scare… kind of.  I heard a double beep not like the other one time battery beeps. This went on for about a day then I realized it was the carbon monoxide monitor.  I still have NO idea why this thing is beeping. (Yes, I made sure there is no carbon monoxide in the house.) So I hit reset and it was fine… UNTIL it started to beep again on Saturday.

On Saturday, Shane and I are trying to figure out why it’s beeping again. Imagine us standing strategically in the house for 6 minutes starring at the walls waiting for it to beep again so you can find the issue.  Again, its the carbon monoxide monitor, so I hit the reset button, like I did a few days before and THEN the house alarm system starte beeping. HUH??!! What??!!! So Shane and I are now trying to figure out the alarm system, BUT like the blonde I am, I accidentally ARMED the alarm. Then of course, I walk through the house like an idiot and set off the alarm. LOUD is an understatement!! Since I’ve lived here, I’ve never heard the alarm. It was SO LOUD, I think my ears are still ringing. While my house alarm is blasting the entire city of Herriman, I call the alarm company who installed the system in my closet. The only place in the house you could hear yourself think. They were NO help because I don’t have an active account. REALLY? You installed the thing. I asked  “how do I shut it off.” Guy on the phone “You need a code” Me.. “I know I need a code, I don’t have a code. Isn’t there a stop or a reset” Guy on the phone “No because then a burglar could stop your alarm. Wow, that alarm is loud. Sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck, is there anything else I can help you with.” Me… “NO!!!” Then I hung up.

After what seemed like alarms sounding for 30 minutes, probably only 15 minutes, Shane attempted to reset the power and I kept entering in random numbers on the keypad, somewhere in between the power and the random keys, it turned off. Quiet.. no alarm, no beeping……… UNTIL Sunday night!! Again….. awww come on! It’s still beeping as I type this. Every 6 minutes. I think the house is mad I am moving. Sorry house!

I LOVE Crepes
One of my favorite parts of this weekend was the scrumptious crepe’s Shane made for me. Ohhh SOOOO VERY YUMMMMYY!! I LOVED them. These crepes MELT in your mouth. They are tasty and fluffy. He made a lot of them… and then I ate most of them. He blinked and then they were gone.  To put it into perspective: he made 14 crepes and he ate 3. Yes, I ate 11 crepes. 1 crepe I did save for later. (He was going to throw it out… WHAT???!! No way!)   In my defense, they were soooo delicious. I am a growing girl and training hard every day. I indulged! I am not ashamed to admit it.  How could I have not eaten that whole plate of delicious crepes! Have I mentioned I LOVE crepes. Thank you sweetheart, your the best!

However, after devouring all of the crepes, it dawned on me, I may have a problem. I really need to learn to share. Just days before the crepes,  I didn’t share a Chocolate Chip cookie with Shane either. I ate the whole darn thing in practically one bite. I LOVE cookies. He asks nicely after his soup, can I have a bite of your cookie…. long pause from me with a mouth full of cookie in my cheeks…. “ummm, I ate it all.”  Guess ya snooze ya loose when it comes to Meg and food. Something I will continue to work on!! :)

When Renter’s Go Bad
This is what I DON’T love – Renters! It’s sad that my other house that was being rented was left in such poor shape. Oh well, you can’t expect anyone other than you to give your home the LOVE it needs. Time to repair, renovate and get it ready to sell. Still made me sad to see my cute house so dirty and broken.

10 Things I Learned From My Renters:
1. If you can’t find a dog bowl, just fill the vent full of dog food. 
2. Break a double paned window in the middle of winter and don’t repair it, just pay more for heating
3. Why clean when you can have dust bunnies keep you company.
4. Why tape before you paint? Splatters and smudges are trendy.
5. Why open a door, when you can just bust it down!
6. It’s fun to be color blind. 
7. When you have a water leak, just cover it with left over carpet.
8. Kick and punch often because you can always patch.
9. Use a sharp object to stab the microwave keypad instead of just push the numbers.
10. Cleaning the shower is highly overrated!