I love NY! I am taken back by its busy streets, amazing buildings and diverse culture! This past week it was time for BEA in New York! Shane and I left Sunday morning ready for the Big Apple! Also, little did I know this New York trip would change my life in amazing ways! :)

New York!!!!
With my sweetheart in New York!
New York from the Statue of Liberty

Sunday, May 22
Our first day in NYC! From the moment we landed, I was excited: the sounds, the buildings, the lights, the food!! After a three and half hour direct flight we had arrived. We left to take a taxi and the line was long. Not like 5 min long, like Disneyland brand new ride kind of long. Hey is the a taxi fast pass? Yes!! Because some guy came up and asked where we were going, we said Manhattan Roosevelt hotel and we got in his van with three other strangers. The guy was awesome and got us there with no problems. However, he did not have an actual taxi license, but oh well… we arrived safely!

The Roosevelt Hotel was amazing!! Renowned as the “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue,” the hotel opened in 1924 and has been meticulously restored to its original grandeur. The Roosevelt Hotel has appeared in several major motion pictures, including The Boiler Room, Wall Street, Quiz Show, Presumed Innocent, Malcolm X, Monday Night Mayhem, The French Connection, Hanky Panky, Maid in Manhattan, The Hoax and 1408.

We were on the fourth floor and had an amazing, beautiful view of the building’s HVC units! Incredible…. NOT! But the room totally made up for it!! Very charming room!!

Our Room!
View out our room!

We were starving! One of the things we enjoy doing is finding little unknown eateries. So we wondered around until we found Rosie O’Grady’s. It was delicious food!! We are suckers for a good filet mignon and this place did not disappoint. Yummy food for our first night in New York.

Monday, May 23
Today we ventured to the World Trade center. Amazing how the new Freedom Tower is coming along. It took my breath away to be at ground zero. The memorials that are there are a powerful remembrance of that horrible event.

Shane in front of Freedom Tower
New Freedom Tower

We walked on over to Wall Street, and stopped in Tiffany’s and Co. A gal can never pass up jewelry.  Just down the street from the Trinity Church. (The church made famous in National Treasure) Tons of media were waiting outside an apartment building. When I asked what was going on, a camera guy said the IMF guy was under house arrest and they were waiting outside. These poor reporters were camped outside just waiting to see this guy. And all for chasing a maid around with a knife. What a looney toon!

Trinity Church
Media Circus

Then we made our way down to Little Italy, which would be the highlight of our day. Walking down Mulberry street you get stopped by everyone wanting you to come eat at their restaurant.  However, the this Italian guy stopped us and had a fantastic sales pitch, how could we not stop?!  So we ate Cafe Napoli. I had the chicken parmesan and Shane had mushroom ravioli. It was delicious. Homemade and melts in your mouth kind of good. Then I topped it off with a lemon ice gelato in a frozen lemon. I have to admit, this lemon gelato was not only incredibly delicious, it looked awesome.  We people watched and talked. Completely one of the best afternoons ever!

I love Little Italy in New York!
The Lemon Gelato!
At Cafe Napoli with our cute Italian Salesman!

As we left Little Italy,  we came across this awesome retail store called Chrome. Bought a killer bag for Shane! And a sweet shirt for me. Very cool store.

We took the subway back to the hotel. What a interesting transportation system. The people on the subway are just doing their thing. There was a crazy lady babbling about something and everyone ignored her quite well. They must be used to that kind of stuff.

In the subway

We came back to the hotel and relaxed, then ventured back out for dinner. We went through Times Square, saw the Late Show with David Letterman theatre, and ate at the famous Carnigie Deli. Our giant sandwich was enough for two.

Checking out the city!
Times Square
Our HUGE dinner!

We stopped at the M&M store for a tasty treat. Nothing like paying $15 dollars for a little bag of M&M’s in New York. Wish I could say they tasted as good as the price we paid for them. Then we walked to the Waldorf Astoria. This is one of my favorite Hotels. Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to afford to stay there a night. Did I mention New York is amazing?!

Tuesday, May 24
Today was BEA. The whole reason we went to NYC in the first place. BEA is the largest book trade show in the country. The show is huge. Anyone who is anyone in publishing is there.  Our first stop was the digital zone. I was in heaven. Apps, ebooks, and new technology got me really excited about my business. I have so many new ideas for my clients and to generate more business. We wandered around meeting new people and striking up business all day.

We took a short break, sat and waited for John Lithgow to speak about his autobiography. Entertaining speaker. He was worth the wait. I was so excited to get his autograph,  I jumped in line for his book before anyone. Shane was like… um.. oh there she is. Happy he got some pictures of me meeting him.

Then I met Tosca Reno and got her new book Stripped.  She writes for Oxygen magazine, my fave health and fitness magazine, so that was a another fun break in the business day. Then Shane and I had “idea” that was born on the curb waiting for the shuttle bus. This little project will be a fun thing to do to in my spare time. Looking forward to it!

However despite all the amazing new business and ideas at BEA, the BEST part of the day was when we ate pizza at Pizza Supreme- our fave pizza place by Madison Square Garden. $3 dollar pizza by the slice that is to KILL FOR!!

Shane eating his GIANT slice of PIZZA!

Wednesday, May 25
It was nice to sleep in a little today because we had planned to go to the Statue of Liberty. After a leisurely morning, we took the subway to Battery Park. Today was the first sunny day in a while in NY so the crowds where out in force. We stood in line for over an hour and half to board the boat. After a 15 min boat ride we got to Liberty Island. Lady Liberty was smaller than I anticipated. However the feeling of being there was an honor. It was cool.

This look all day! We stopped at little cafe for a quick bite then got ready for the Book of Mormon musical. The BOM musical was written by the creators of South Park-the Emmy Award winning Comedy Central show. From curtain up the show was brilliant!! 2 and 1/2 hours raced by so fast. Shane and I laughed so hard. I know why it’s up for so many Tony Awards. As we were walking out several people didn’t get all the “mormon” jokes. We did and it was hilarious. I was impressed that the show didn’t not bash the mormons, instead used humor to explain through the eyes of a missionaries a lighter side of the church.  I do have to warn those that may venture to see it, that it is crude. However, if you can go with the intent that is is funny and you can laugh at your culture, then it’s a great time!!

We ate at a little Italian place by the theatre called Da Marinos. Not as good as Little Italy and when our plates came out, both Shane and I were like… umm… where’s the food?! Oh well… it’s Italian food in New York… hello…. still YUMMY!

Thursday, May 26
Again, it was nice to sleep in this morning. Shane and I have been working so hard the last few months, sleeping in was a gift! Today was Central Park and the MET. I had been looking forward to today all week as I love Central Park. There is something about that park that calms and relaxes me. I could spend all day there. The park is huge and has many charming and cool features, but my favorite part of Central Park is the Bethesda Fountain. This fountain is one of the largest fountains in New York, measuring twenty-six feet high by ninety-six feet wide. It is one of the most well known fountains in the world, and the statue at its center was the only sculpture to have been commissioned as a part of Central Park’s original design. This neoclassical sculpture, also known as Angel of Waters, features an eight-foot bronze angel who stands above four small cherubim representing health, purity, temperance, and peace. The angel herself carries a lily in one hand while the other remains outstretched, poised in the action of delivering a blessing on the water pouring from around her feet and into the basin at the bottom of the fountain. Last year it was under construction, so I was bummed. This year the fountain looked beautiful. I was so excited to be at the fountain, I was so busy taking pictures and doing the touristy thing…. I didn’t realize…….

My life was about to change FOREVER! 
One of the happiest moments of my life was about to happen. 

While I was doing my touristy thing, Shane pulled out an engagement ring. I was so busy taking pictures I didn’t even notice what he was doing. I sat down and we started to talk about it being the perfect day, he then took my hand, got down on one knee and said I have a question for you in front of all these people – “will you marry me?” I was so surprised, excited, and overcome with love by this moment and immediately said YES!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! It was perfect!! He asked me to marry him in front of our “fountain” in New York city on a beautiful 80 degree day. So romantic!! He’s so wonderful! One of the most touching, incredible and memorable experiences of my life. Words really can’t express what that moment meant! My engagement ring is a custom guitar ring he had made. It is beautiful! The symbolism of the ring and what it represents for “us” made me cry. I LOVE IT!! I was beaming, smiling and crying. He proposed in “our” place! It was so romantic did I mention that?! After we called and txt friends and family, we ate lunch at the Boat House on the lake. Apparently you need a reservation but we told them we just got and engaged and they sat us right down. I think my giant smile and giddiness helped too!

Happy Girl!
My one of a kind – beautiful engagement ring!
Me and Shane – ENGAGED!

Lunch was delicious. Sitting by the lake and enjoying each other following his proposal was a perfect way to start our engagement. Next up the MET.

Boat House

After leaving Central Park we headed to the MET. I have never been inside the MET before. WOW. It was overwhelming. Breath taking, fascinating, incredible and so much to see!

We admired, laughed and took it all in. Here’s a collection of some of the things we saw!

Thursday night we celebrated our engagement with dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. It was by far our most expensive meal of the entire trip, BUT it was delicious! The perfect way to end our week in NY and celebrate the starting of our new life!

Friday, May May 27
Time to come home! After a comical and entertaining car ride by a Greek/Italian and our jont through Queens, we got to the airport.