Okay, so the house hunt wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. We found a cute 3 bedroom, 2200 sq ft house in Daybreak on North Shore.

Our New Home

Tristyn said it looks like we are moving in a Gingerbread house and that it is awesome. The girls are super excited to make new friends, get new rooms and start a new school in the fall. This by far was my biggest concern was how they’d feel about it. Here’s some pictures of the new house, we’ll be moving into.

Move in date on or about March 1, 2011.

Operation start packing. Packing… UGH! Well the best part will be “cleaning” and “throwing” away A LOT stuff. It still stresses me out a little bit. The thought of a smaller more manageable house will be less stressful, so I am taking it all in stride.

For the girls and I, it’s a new beginning and fresh start! So bring on the CHANGE!!

The things I will miss about my current house:

  • My beautiful office
  • My jetted tub
  • My gas stove and water over the stove.
  • My big closet
  • My deck
  • My amazing neighbors (This is the hardest. Some of my neighbors have gone above and beyond for me and the girls. I will be eternally grateful for their love, support, sitting on my porch late at night talking and their fire extinguishing abilities.)

What I won’t miss:

  • Mowing my lawn
  • Snow blowing my driveway
  • Cleaning all 6000 sq ft of my house
  • Living so far west, that everyone that comes to see me has to pack a lunch.
  • The $$$ of living here.

Because we are leaving such a big house, we are pairing down, I’ll be having a virtual garage sale. More to come on that. I am starting with this beautiful painting in my family room. I love this painting, but it is too large for our new home. I am asking $950 or OBO. It was originally $3200 so that’s a great deal. (I’ll get the dimensions today, when I find a measuring tape.) I’ll be listing it on KSL this week.