It’s Day 18 of my training.. and I can barely walk. On Tuesday, I did 3 workouts. 5: 30 am 1 hour swim, 9:00 am 1 hour track and various crazy exercises and 4:00 pm 1 hour weights – bi, tri’s and shoulder.

Needless to say last night and this morning, I woke up and I can barely move. Yesterday, I biked with some soreness, but today is the full effect of how much pain I am actually in. Mind over matter really doesn’t apply here, because my body is SCREAMING!!!!

The biggest conflict is taking care of my body vs. pushing through the pain. Trying to figure out when to do one or the other can be challenging. When your body is screaming, you really have no motivation to make it hurt more. BUT on the other hand, you need to do something to keep pushing though.


I have 30 more weeks and 2 days. That’s 7 months, 212 days and 151 weekdays…… there will be many more sore days to come!