Since Instagram is my daughters favorite app and it’s rising as popular social media, as evidence from this latest article –  Instagram-beats-twitter-in-daily-mobile-users-for-the-first-time-data-says, then I thought I’d share my fave Instagram extras!

5 Fave Instgram Apps

With the boom of Instagram and all of the editing apps that come along with it, I get asked quite frequently what’s on my phone. So I thought I would share a post on which apps are my favorite! {If you are still taking the picture within the Instagram app itself, stop doing that and use your phone’s camera instead to allow for higher quality and the ability to edit outside of Instagram}.

So with that, here’s a peek at my faves { in no particular order }. The 6th one isn’t an app, but instead a great idea with Christmas ideas coming your way.

1. SigNote lets you take a picture of something you wrote { or drew } and add it on top
2. Masking Tape let’s you apply washi tape to your photos in the color, pattern, and placement of your choice
3. BeFunky is great for simply adjusting contrast and saturation and other details, in addition to adding frames or effects to the amount you want.
4. VSCO Cam, my absolute favorite, also lets you add fill light, contrast, and most importantly: fade. Notice that a lot of popular instagram’ers have a grey tint to their photos? That’s thanks to this beauty, giving photos a kind of timeless look. Their website has several excellent examples as well. Since their actual business is specializing in photography film, they are pretty smart to jump on this phone app train.
5. PicFX has a a few Bokeh effects that you can rotate around and place where you want. You can also compile effect on top of effect and so on.
6. Stitchagram – Make gifts for Christmas from Instagram. So cute!
Well those are some my faves, have any that you just HAVE to share with everyone? I’d love to know!