Now I am getting excited! Less than one week until the St. George 70.3 Ironman. WOW!! 8 months of preparing and it’s almost here.

It’s taper week! A little run tomorrow, swim on Tuesday, bike on Wednesday and then rest and relaxation.

I find myself visualizing each portion of the race; how I’ll feel, mentally where I need to be, gear I need to have with me. I spoke with my coach last night about what to eat leading up to the race. There’s a lot to think about. I am trying to mostly focus on mentally being ready. My body is ready, but my mind needs to catch up!

It really is a mental game now. Pushing harder, pushing through the pain, banishing the negative self talk and just having fun!


I have trained with some amazing people. I am so excited to race with them! This is a HUGE achievement for ALL of us.  I look forward to celebrating with them after the race. Each of us overcoming obstacles, personal challenges and one of them even being hit by a car.

My wonderful, supportive husband will be there with our kids. Having them cheer me for the race (and while I’ve been training) has been so important. Some of my friends are coming down too, my best friend being there means so much to me. It’s a big day- from the support I’ll get in St. George to those cheering for me at home, I am so blessed to have such amazing support and love.

I’ve been asked what’s next after this race? My next race is the Women of Steel Sprint Tri. But what’s my next goal, I don’t know. Another 70.3? I’m not sure. My eye is on the prize this weekend. All the focus is there!