Week 1 leading up to Arizona 70.3 Ironman. Pleased with my first week of hitting it hard again.

This week I found out I qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals. I was SUPER excited!! I’ve wanted to qualify for that and I did it! WHOOHOO! But unfortunately they notified me so late with only 2 week to plan, I already have plans that weekend and it’s too short notice to go. Totally bummed. Hopefully I qualify again next year!

USAT Age Group


I tried the new Roka X1 Goggles this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Holy cow, they are so comfy. I don’t care that I look like a bug or alien. They seal around my face without my eyeballs feeling like they are being sucked out of my head and give you awesome field of view. They are hands down my new favorite piece of gear.

roka x1 goggles


I am down 3 lbs this week, which is pretty amazing considering the gluttony of food the week of California. Easier to eat this week because the family was out of town and I was only fixing for one.

This week I started taking Base Performance Amino, after the founder of Base Performance came to the Salt Lake Tri Club and talked about it.  I’ve been taking it once a day mixed with Nuun, not a bad combo if I say myself. I guess you are suppose to take amino for 30 days to start seeing any difference, so I am 6 days in. I look at it like it’s favor in my water intake.


I had some new workouts this week. They killed my legs! Add on the Deseret News 10K on Friday to it, along with a 3 hour ride and my legs are toast. The best part of about the workouts this week is I didn’t miss one of them and that a first in a VERY LONG TIME! Super proud of myself. It’s been hard.

Race Report

It was a total blast racing with Ashley and Emilie at the Deseret News 10K. We almost didn’t make the start but that didn’t stop us. We had 2 minutes to catch our breath and the race started (we had to run from our parking spot). That’s the closest I’ve ever timed getting to a race. YIKES!

Me and AshleyIMG_2802


Goals for This Week

I am heading to Jackpot for a Golf Tournament this weekend, so it will be hard to get my regular workouts in and that’s a bummer. However, I do get to eat large amounts of crab and that is awesome! I will continue to eat well and get my workouts in this week! Hopefully the scale likes me for a few more pounds this week. We’ll see!