Working out can be hard. Down right torture at sometimes.

I was thinking about my workouts and realized I may be cheating. You may be cheating too! CHEATING YOU SAY!! WHAT?!! Each of us would like to think this doesn’t happen, we all know that occasionally we shave reps, cut our workout short, or not give it all we’ve got. The question is, do we care? And if we do, SHOULD we?

Most of the time “cheating” goes unmentioned. Why, because nobody really wants to admit it and nobody really cares if you ran 4 miles instead of the 5 on your training plan or did 2 sets instead of 4. But you’re only cheating yourself… right?

RIGHT?! It’s easy to say I am tired today or I’ll “bring it” next time. The fact is you are there right now. Why not just do it all the way? If you working from a training plan, and you “cheat” that workout. You are just cheating yourself. Your coach may never know, but your body knows. That workout may give you the extra strength to improve your time on your next race, lift heavier the next time or make you look even better. YOU NEVER KNOW!

I cheated myself in prior workouts several times. I haven’t reached all my goals yet, so this is a good time to re-evaluate where I am. Cheating is not adjusting because of time constraints, injury, etc. I am talking about showing up, doing what needs to be done with the time you have and giving it 200%! BOOM! There ya go!

I am committing to following my training plan and giving it everything I’ve got this upcoming season. I have taken the last two weeks off and enjoyed the down time.

Are you committed to NO CHEATING?! :)