We are driving to California as I type this. I am two days away from my first 70.3 outside of my state and my fifth 70.3 distance in four years. If you would have asked me four years ago if I would do five 70.3 triathlons, I would have burst out laughing. But here I am.

Oceanside was always on the race bucket list for me. I’ve heard great things about the race and it’s on the beach. Hello… everyone enjoys a beach race. Last year I drew an early guaranteed entry, WHOOHOO!

I am deeply grateful for the people in my life who support me through this journey:

My husband. I can’t say enough amazing things about this man. He is my biggest cheerleader! He listens to my non-stop chatter about my training, what I learned, how good I did, how bad I did, pushes me out of bed when I want to just layer there, does the dishes and helps the kids so I can get a late night workout in. He gets up early and travels to races for a long day of just waiting. I couldn’t do this without him and his love and support for my passion.

My girls. There goes mom, off to another workout. They come to most of my races and I love it when they do. Seeing them cheering me on, reminds me why I tri – to be a great example of strength to my girls.

My Family. My parents, my sisters, in-laws, bro/sis in laws, cousins, etc – I have an amazing family! I feel their love and support always. Even though they all secretly think I have lost my mind. Just kidding… well probably not.

My Friends. I have the most incredible friends! Blessed to have such fantastic bless my life on a regular basis.

My Coach. It’s difficult to achieve success with out a roadmap. It means so much to have my coach watching my numbers, tweaking, pushing, and reminding me I am stronger than I think.

Salt Lake Tri Club & The Tri Community – Where can you find a group of like minded crazies just like you! TRI COMMUNITY!. I LOVE these people! They inspire me on a regular basis.

It’s hard to always feel fully prepared for a long race like this. There were missed workouts, stressed-out days, good workouts and bad workouts, but I do feel like I am coming into this season stronger than ever before.

It’s easy to forget I started doing this because it was fun. Somewhere between analyzing my performance and setting goal times….. the fun started to slip. I still remember my first 70.3 Ironman in St. George. I spent the first 10 miles of the bike smiling and giggling because I was having so much fun and couldn’t believe I was ACTUALLY doing it.

I have “time” goals for this race, but the REAL goal for me is to HAVE FUN! I am going to enjoy every minute of this beautiful race and the time I have with my family on this mini tri-cation. I am also going to jump at the finish line to hopefully get a great finisher picture. In past finisher pictures, I looked like someone just died… oh wait… it was me who wanted to die!