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The Last Day Of…

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Today is the last day I settle. No more excuses! The time is now. If I want to bring it next year,

Cheating Yourself

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Working out can be hard. Down right torture at sometimes.

I was thinking about my workouts and realized I may be cheating.

Back in the Wagon…

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Well I fell of the triathlon wagon for about two weeks. I was burned out.

Bad days… Press Reset

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eeadceb8e4d35be54f7633d2c272d39eIt can’t be roses all the time. Coming off an emotionally awesome weekend, I find myself lower today.

What a Difference a Month Makes!

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Today, I firmly believe this quote! I find these days, I am gaining strength from realizing how far I have come and how close the goal is.

Please chocolate, I am trying to be fit

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url-2Everywhere you read, Eat Clean, Clean Eating… etc etc. Well maybe everywhere I look because I follow a lot of “health”