I went into this race with a bad attitude. What started out as race enthusiasm following St. George 70.3, quickly turned to race dread.  I registered for the Utah Half with ton of goals in mind, then summer happened. Vacations, bad eating, less training and one too many churros at Disneyland and 3 months later…….. another 70.3 was upon me, I didn’t feel “ready” for.

I did focus on my run more this summer, despite the lack of overall training. I was getting up at 4 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to run with my coach before we swam at 6 am.  My feet just aren’t loving me. Some days I felt like dropping out of the race, even the night before I was praying for an accident or natural disaster. I really didn’t want to do this 70.3. I tried not to think about it because the more I thought about it the more stressed I got.

The morning off, I was a mess. Thought I walked out with out my special needs bag, found it in my bag. Over planned my nutrition for fear of bonking and could of fed every athlete there.  We got there and I found my team. There was comfort knowing 13 of us were racing from our Tri Living It Team. It’s good to have friends you are racing with. I stumbled through setting up my transition area and anxiously waited for what felt like my ever impending doom.


I got to the swim ramp and I was freaking out. I looked calm, but I wasn’t. In this picture, I am thinking “OMG, what am I doing?!!” I couldn’t believe I was really going to do this, again, still praying for an accident or natural disaster. My wave was up and the gun went off. 100 meters into the swim and I suddenly found my groove. I was thinking:

“I am so glad I do triathlons”

“This water isn’t so bad, it’s kind of warm.”

“Hey coach my stroke is better I actually think I am going fast.”

“Can’t wait to ride my bike!”




My attitude totally changed. Dread turned to fun! YAY!! Got out of the swim and on to my bike. I love my bike! I felt fast and ready. There is always room for improvement, but overall I am happy with my bike performance that day. Saw all my tri buddies along the ride. It was so fun to see everyone!


Got into transition for the run and prepped my feet, then took what felt like the longest pee ever and got out there. Saw my coach and hubby and felt okay the first 2 miles, then the feet gave out. I was disappointed because usually they last until at least 7-8 miles, but at 3 miles, REALLY?!!! They burned and every step was pain. I alternated a walk/run to just try and keep going. I finished the first lap and thought “another lap, I don’t think I’ll make it”. Throughout the entire run, I kept seeing my friend Mark. Seeing him helped my spirits. The last 6 miles were the longest EVER in my running history! About mile 11, I made a friend Scott, a professor at BYU. This was his first 70.3. We walked and ran together. It made the last 2 miles not as bad. My parents were waiting at the finish line along with my hubby, coach and friends. It’s ALWAYS great to have a cheering section for you. It’s what kept me moving towards the finish line. Wish my parents could have witnessed a better finish than my worse 13.1 EVER! (My buddy is in the back with his kids in this picture below.)




I was rough that night, worse than the 70.3 in St.George. I’ve had a week off. It’s been good for me to rest. Ready to get back at it!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what’s next? Two 70.3 accomplished this year….. now what? Get faster, better, or something new? Maybe all of the above. In any case, my brain is going and there more… oh there more!!