What runner doesn’t WANT a new pair of shoes?

What do you do with your old ones?

Did you know it takes between 90-100 years for a rubber soled shoe to decompose in a landfill?

You now have a solution – KindRunner.com. 

Kindrunner.com is where runners can trade in their old running shoes for NEW shoes! Hello, who doesn’t have old shoes to trade in?! I have like three pairs in my closet right now. You can receive ‘Kindness Cash Rewards’ for every shoe you send in. In turn, Kindrunner gives your old shoes to their shoe donation partners, Soles 4 Souls and the More Foundation, to benefit people in need. Their mission is to take old shoes that would normally go into landfills and re-purpose them. Hey, just because they don’t fit you anymore or you’ve hit your milage in them, doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t greatly value them.

BONUS – Kindrunner is also going to help you find your new shoes! BOOYAH!! Their virtual running shop includes staff product reviews. They do the research on different running shoes and products for you. YAY! I get tired of the annoying salesperson giving you their opinion because it’s their favorite shoe.  An extra bonus for me  because buying shoes with my big feet is already a challenge. Okay, I hate it. Kindrunner give me hope in buying new running shoes.

SO GUESS who’s cleaning out their closet this weekend for their launch on June 1! This momma needs a new pair of shoes baby.

I am thrilled to be a Kindrunner Ambassador! This something I can get behind. BRILLIANT IDEA!  Plus, right now you can go to their website and enter to win a free pair of running shoes.

About KindRunner.com

Kindrunner.com will offer only the best performing and highest rated products to their customers. Their goal is to bring running specialty focus to the web, and offer expert shoe fit and product guidance online. They will focus on top-notch customer service, expert product reviews, an engaging and informative platform, AND making an effort to change the world for the better by repurposing footwear rather than allowing it to find its way into the trash.


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