Oh my adventures in training for triathlons. I did my first triathlon with Heather,  2 years ago at the Women of Steel in American Fork and I sucked… then I was hooked. How does that work?

First Women of Steel I did with Heather 2009
Last year with Heather, Jen and Jen’s friend 2010

This year I’ve decided to really push myself and try a 1/2 Ironman. Yup, I said it, a 1/2 Ironman. I am going to do the Utah 1/2 Ironman Aug 27, 2011. I had to say that a couple of times to really let it sink in.

I have an awesome trainer named Andy at LifeTime fitness. He kick’s my rear every morning 5 days a week.

Monday – Swim
Tuesday – Strength Training
Wednesday – Run
Thursday – Strength Training
Friday – Bike

Between Andy (current trainer), Casey and Ryan (previous trainers who rock too!) I think I can actually pull this off. Check out Andy’s blog. He has good info. As part of my training, they do metabolic tests to see where my heart rate is. I did my bike test and it was HORRIBLE. Based on the test, I am sure my trainer thought… has she even been on a bike? So part of my weekly training is riding the bike at a slow and steady pace or so slow if I was on a real bike I’d fall over. I get bored. You’d be bored too, look at what I stare at while I bike. People coming in and out of Lifetime Fitness. Which is why the iPad has been handy to watch movies.

This year I moved up in age division. Even though I am 34, I am competing like I am 35 because they go on the age you are the year you compete. Having a December birthday, there ya go. Hopefully that will be advantage cause everyone else is OLD and I am younger. That wasn’t very nice, but hey I am competitive.

Running at Women of Steel in Aug 2010

Here’s my tentative race schedule so far. It’s fun doing them with friends. Several of these I am doing with a friend or friends!Yay!

March 19 – Indoor Tri
April 17 – 1/2 Salt Lake Marathon
April 30 – Iron Girl (Las Vegas)
May 7 – Goldielocks Bike Ride
May 21 – Woman of Steel
June 4 – Little Red
June 17-18 – Ragnar Relay
Aug 27 – 1/2 IRONMAN

Rylee has decided to come workout with mom. It’s fun to do my second workouts with her. She is really starting to enjoy it. Tristyn plays in the childcare and everyone is happy.