Today, I firmly believe this quote! I find these days, I am gaining strength from realizing how far I have come and how close the goal is. I NEVER would have thought I could actually do a 70.3 Ironman, but after this weekend, I know I can. This strength also comes from support. I COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT SUPPORT!! My husband (my biggest cheerleader), my family, my friends and my amazing Tri Living It Team Mates. Training with this incredible group is pushing me to become better and better. Their tips, tricks, suggestions, motivation and encouragement means so much. The support isn’t just words, Bart actually PUSHED me up part of Snow Canyon. I’ll clarify that we had already been 48+ miles and this was our second time up Snow Canyon. So I was TIRED!! Those pushes, yes, he actually pushed my back with one hand while he rode his bike too, helped me get up that hill. He’s an animal to ride that hill and push me too. Thank you BART!!!


Before my training, I felt like this:

little girl on bike


After training with my team, I AM this:



Yup, that’s me. Biking the St. George course and loving it. We had a smaller group this time, those that were missing were missed! It’s fun to cheer and be cheered during something like this. But among all this training we do need a life right?!!




Oh ice baths. How I love and hate you! I do have to say, my body responds to ice baths. I can get up the next day and workout. When I don’t have them, I struggle an extra 24 hours. Not my fave but I am learning to push through it. I make Shane sit and talk to me to take my mind of the pain.


TIP: Cover your upper body with a towel during the ice bath. It helps. Even if it is just in your head. Thanks for the tip Kristin!

I am so happy with how far I’ve come in four weeks. I shaved tons of minutes off my run and more off my bike. Excited to see even more improvements over the next 10 weeks.



Here are a few more things I have learned along this journey to Ironman 70.3 in St. George:

It takes time. I know, I know, every expert says this. It’s true. There really is no overnight success. It takes doing the work day in and day out. I think before I never got passed the part where I was really dedicated. I gave up to soon.

Excuses just delay your progress. It’s easy to make excuses. Heck, I was the queen of them when it came to workouts. But something inside of me was tired of the crap I told myself. I thought, what if I actually did everything my trainer said? BAM!!! It’s working.

Listen to those before you & actually USE IT! Those that have struggled, tried, failed and succeeded. Their knowledge is invaluable.

Be grateful for extended support! I have such amazing support.  I am saddened when I hear someone doesn’t have it. There are tons of ladies and men racing and competing that don’t have the support of their spouse, family or friends. We need to be their support!!!

Nutrition counts for more than you want it too. I beat this subject to death, but I am learning. I hate that nutrition accounts for so much, but it really does. I am trying daily to change my attitude about food. It’s not that I am a junk food junkie, it’s that anything from the earth gives me gag reflex. Give me a dead animal any day!!

Hills are my friend. I hate hills. I hate hills.  BUT my new mantra is I love hills, I love hills…..I can do hills, hills are my friend! I actually ran hills without my funky waddle walk hill runny thing I use to do. It was silly, it got me up the hill, but now I actually look like a real runner.


Until next time, keep training my friends!