Okay, I am going start personally blogging. (I’ve been blogging for my businesses for a while.) After reading Rekehl Johnson’s Blog, Becky Youkstetter’s Blog and Jenna Welch’s blog, I was inspired to start blogging about our family.  Since the girls and I seem to be changing, playing in chaos and comedy almost every day, I thought it would be fun to record our adventures. WARNING: I type fast, my brain goes even faster than I type and there maybe typos, bad grammar… but whatever. Those typos are my gift to you the reader.


The Girls

On Monday, January 24, Rylee graduated from the D.A.R.E program. She was very excited about singing her song. She practiced with Tristyn almost every day.


Tristyn is a funny kid. She continues to say things that make me laugh. Here are 2 of my faves this week.

Tristyn “Mom, did you know Helen Keller was blind and deaf? At 6 years old she could spell carriage with her hands. I am 8 and I can’t spell carriage with a pencil.”

Rylee is sharing a game she learned at school today called the Minster’s Cat.  I am not understanding and Rylee is getting a little frustrated with me. Tristyn says “Rylee, it’s okay if she struggles, she’s a mom”

Skiing for the First Time in 15 years
Heather invited me to come skiing at Brighton on Saturday. This is the first time I had been skiing in 15 years. I was unprepared. Luckly, Heather takes care of me. She let be borrow her ski pants, her goggles, and her gloves. Very glad she did cause it was COLD. I think I thanked for the pants like every time we got on the ski lift. What an adventure! I forgot a lot and a lot of it came rushing back to me. When we first got off the ski lift on Majestic, Heather and Jen took off down the first hill. I was trapped behind a ski school of very cute little kids. I was also suddenly terrified to go down. And thinking to myself… these little kids are rocking it down this hill with no poles and I am scared. What’s wrong with this picture.

As I was trying to decide how I was going to get down this mountain, I decided just to go for it. So I turned my ski’s and bolted fast and furiously down the hill towards Heather and Jen, then to stop… I fell. The fall was much a belly flop in a swimming pool. I probably looked much like this picture.

But after eating a mouth full of snow and laughing, I started again. It was quite the start to the day. Jen gave me a quick run down again of how to turn, snowplow, etc. The first run was a little rough. After that, my ski legs came back and we had a great time. The snow really started to come down. The picture below really does not do how snowy that day was. It didn’t matter. We had a great time.

We are Moving!
The girls and I will be moving in the next 30 days to 4 months. Yes, we don’t really know when we are moving yet, but it’s coming up. It depends on how quickly our current house sells. (If you are interested in buying it… it’s a STEAL… I promise! Check out the pictures. Shoot me an email.) It’s hard to believe we’ll be leaving our beautiful home, but it’s a fresh start for us and less work for me. This house keeps me busy.  I am looking for a place now. Sifting through houses is fun, however, I am sure after awhile, it might get old. I am looking in Daybreak as that’s the one place we all can agree to move to. However, if the house is right and the price is right, we’ll move where it makes sense.


The girls are excited to move to a new neighborhood. At first they asked to move to California so we could have a beach house. While I LOVE that idea, not practical! So instead South Jordan, here we come. Daybreak has a lake, so the girls will settle for that.

House Hunting Today: 2 possibilities, 2 drive bys: 1 of the houses was UGLY and I made 1 phone call to actually see it but they have yet to return my phone call. I made friends with the lady next door. She’d be a nice neighbor.