Rest week messes with me. I know they are important. I look forward to them, but my mind says, relax you are tired and all my workouts that week are crap. I am more tired and lazy then on my build weeks, when I am working out like a crazy person. Today is build week again. YAY! I do so much better when I am working out more. Happier, sharper, more energy and my workouts are so much better. Coming off of this rest week, I realize I may not have another real rest week until my taper. Holy SMOKES!

Never ending blister. Running has become a pain. Literally. My right foot is so blistered it’s painful to run anymore than 5 miles. I took off all the calluses, I’ve kept the calluses, I wore moleskin, no moleskin. I lubed up and still big blister in the same spot. I have a few more weeks to figure this out. I ordered new shoes – Altra are awesome because of the wide toe box. I hope the new shoes help.

After reading online, a new theory is I may have Morton’s Toe. Something I never would have thought, but based on my blister and foot issues I am looking into it. Going to try some of the tricks and tips they recommend. Guess I’ll see if that works.  Can’t hurt, I’ve tried everything else. Open to blister tips for my big feet and making my run less painful.

Here’s some info I found Morton’s Toe – Say What?  Anyone have experience with Morton’s Toe or Big Feet like me?

My feet are like a hobbit’s, just less harry.