I really wish some days I had an extra hour in the day for my workouts. They would a magical hour where nobody calls or texts, where I can leave my family and not feel guilty and where the heavens part and my workout is amazing. Okay that last part is unrealistic, but the first two aren’t. The minute I leave the house to workout, my phone goes off. Email, phone call or text. Sigh…. I have to leave them hanging so I can squeeze in that magical hour. Because let’s face it finding time to train is hard and I work from home. (Which for some people means, I don’t do anything, but I can guarantee my client’s projects don’t magically create themselves.) I am SO blessed to do what I love and do it from my beautiful home office. But I┬ádigress….

Take today for example. I can’t ride my bike in the am to early because it’s ober dark. Yay for the fall back in November. I don’t have any bike lights or construction worker vests that scream here I am, so I can’t really ride when it’s not light. Which means finding time to do it during the day. I am super busy with work right now. Super shout out to all my awesome amazing clients for keeping me busy. Thank you!!!!!

But I feel bad working out because I am not working or spending time with my family. Workout guilt!

Today, I was extra selfish and took 2 magical hours to bike and weight train.

I left my girls home with the TV and Minecraft to occupy them and worked out. And EVERYONE survived. Kids had alone time… yay no mom and my clients work got done before I left and yes, even now I am answering emails for them.

I keep seeing all the movitational photos about No Excuses. It’s not always an excuse, it’s guilt for leaving to workout with other obligations.

I realized something on my bike. Being healthy, setting a good example for my girls and taking the time to do something I love make me happier with clients, family and friends!