You feel the tightening in your chest, it’s hard to breath………

It’s not the anticipation on race day. It’s a chest cold before my first triathlon of the year. Stinkin’ chest congestion and phlegm. Oh yay me! You never know, maybe I’ll pull a Michael Jordan in the ’98 NBA finals when he was really ill and ended up having his best game ever.

But I am not going to dwell this crappy sickness and I am racing tomorrow!

This will be my last year racing in my 35-39 age group. Next year will be the big 40 racing year. It’s weird because with a birthday in December, I race a whole year older than I really am. This year I am the old lady in my age group. WOW! It’s been a great off-season. My strongest off-season training by far in the last two years. I am also mentally in the game. Not that I wasn’t before, but my attitude was just finish. This year it’s finish every race STRONG!

I am very familiar with this course. I’ve been racing on it for 7 years. Women of Steel and Icebreaker use the same course. It’s fun because Icebreaker is in March and Women of Steel is in May. I was looking at my first Women of Steel photo with my friend Heather. I had no idea how to swim or what I was doing that day. I think my friend Heather and I had been once to the pool and then I did that triathlon.

My first triathlon - Women of Steel 2009

My first triathlon – Women of Steel 2009

Going into the 2015 race season here are some of my thoughts:

  • I am faster in all three sports. The degree of “faster” varies, but I am thrilled with my improvements all around.
  • I am stronger- mentally and physically, going into this season.
  • I wish my weight was lower. It’s been a yo-yo the last few months. I hoping to get it down a few more pounds before St. George, May 2.
  • I am actually having fun! This has been an awesome shift. Before, it was because it was on my schedule or I set a goal. Now I really look forward to my workouts and racing!
  • My goal is to PR every race I do this year. Podium would be awesome along the way, but I want to leave it ALL on the course, knowing I gave it EVERYTHING!

Who knows what this race season will bring? Whatever happens, I am going to enjoy EVERY second of it.