Day 9 of Ironman training

Seriously, not kicking it. I had a rough swim morning. I am not kicking my legs the way I should be in the water. Too much knee not enough butt. It’s weird to retrain your body to do something it’s done since your swim lessons at 5 years old. Now I am relearning how to swim and feeling totally awkward and retarded doing it. My wonderful trainer Nichole had me move the lane where the 99 year old man with the snorkel was leisurely  getting his exercise in. He looked like he was practicing looking for fish. But I gotta give him credit, I am sure when I got in his lane, he was thinking that girl is making waves in my lane.

At first, I thought fins where like getting training wheels and in a way I guess they are. However, after some reading, there are some benefits, so now I think fins are okay.

As a matter of fact, after reading this Benefits of Fins, now I really want to practice with fins more, so my attitude has changed. Fins will help me! Fins will help me…. going to chant that a few times.

Then I found this article. 5 Things You Need to Know About Kicking While Swimming. More good information about kicking better and not kicking lame. I kick lame.

For the first time in my swim training, I have a clogged ear after swimming. It makes everything sound like they talking to me through the water for about 8 hours after swimming. Guess I need to go get some drops and wear some ear plugs. This is 3 times now, and it bugs all day. **update** found that awesome liquid for your ears. Aww relief!**

Add to a rough swim morning, an upset tummy for day two! The bathroom will be my best friend today AGAIN! I think it may be my diet or maybe some current stress. I am really trying to eat better. Maybe my body is going, WOW, you are feeding me better food, I am not sure what to do with this? Going to hang my hat on that one.

Tomorrow is a new day…..