My family has always called me “random.” Why…. I think it’s because I have project ADD. I can’t say on one thing very long. Probably why I juggle so much so well. Eh.. it may be a bad quality but it’s me none the less. As I was putting together this new blog, I researched several blogs on my “topic” of choice.

One thing I realized is that this blog would not be your traditional mommy blog. While other lady’s are crafting, cooking and scrapbooking, I love techy stuff. {Don’t get me wrong, I spend hours on Pinterest. It’s more envy than actually doing. I look at all the cute things and I think… maybe Heather, Emilie or Shantell will help me with that. Heather is way more crafty and clever than me. The hostess with the mostest! My Christmas decorations only make it up each year because she did it for me and I took a picture as reference for the following years. Shantell has amazing decor taste in everything and Emilie is the idea guru! My girls take care of me.

It also wouldn’t be your average tech blog either. While other cool tech sites on are on the breaking news of technology or giving the same ole advice over and over. My philophy has always been make it easy and simple.

I work with hundreds of clients every year. Most of them not tech savey. I have to remember, I am usually talking over their heads when I share something I found.  Because I work with clients who just want to save money, understand how it works and get results. I believe I have to be more clever than most marketing people.

There is also a lot of noise around marketing: social media experts, marketing experts, developers, etc all trying to create the “next” big thing. We’ll when they do, I’ll be here to teach you “why”, “when” and “how” you should use it!

The Web Princess is a daily dump of random cool stuff to RULE YOUR DOMAIN!