Here’s what’s been happening in the family the last 2 weeks!

Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point
Rylee’s 5th Grade class had their field trip to Thanksgiving Point.  I volunteered to help the class. It was fun watching Rylee and her friends. Silly fun girls they are!

New Cousin – Carson Brody Reid
After a month of anticipation, Carson Brody Reid was born. It was awesome to be their with Tiffany while she gave birth. The poor girl pushed for 2 hours. Tiff was a trooper. The girls are excited to have a new baby cousin.

Kentucky Project
Cute Rylee worked for months on her Kentucky project. I was so proud of her. As I walked around the other booths, you could tell parents did most of the work for several of the students. Not Rylee, her’s looked as good as if I helped and she did it all by herself!! I was blown away by her ideas and execution of the project. Great job Ry Bear!

Goldielock’s Bike Ride
First big ride of the season and it was a blast. I love my bike. I rode with Heather and Becky. We were doing great until lunch. Following lunch poor Heather crashed and got horrible road rash. OUCH! Becky and I finished out and met her at the finish line. I got my first sunburn of the year. Had a great time! Looking forward to Little Red on June 4.

Flat Tire
Well my poor tires finally gave  when I went to take the girls to school and one side was completely flat. Thank you Derek for coming to my rescue and changing it for me!! Even Discount Tire was shocked to see what happened to my tires. My stupid cars is chewing up my tires. Grrr!!! Time for a new one.

Moving you say? Not me…. Shane! Shane sold his house and is moving in with the girls and I. We were shocked how quickly it sold. Things happen for a reason right?!

We are all excited about this new adventure combining our two families. Most important is how excited the girls are about the changes. Change can be hard. Rylee and Tristyn have been troopers. I do have to say…. I am tired of boxes and moving. There’s been a lot of that these last few months. I moved, my sister moved, and Shane’s moving.  God bless our amazing friends and family who have helped us move. We couldn’t do it without them!! We are very blessed.

Next up… Women of Steel Triathlon and NYC for Book Expo America. I love NY! I can’t wait for this trip.