I think having a bucket list is far more exciting than having resolutions. In 2016, I’ll be crossing some awesome things of my bucket list.

  1. Complete my first full Ironman. YEP! Ironman Boulder on Aug 7, I’ll finally do a full Ironman!
  2. Complete my fifth and sixth half Ironman. As well as several of my race favorites this year like Icebreaker, Sand Hallow, Kokopelli & Echo.
  3. Drop 10% body fat and as of right now, I am already half way to my goal! Started in November instead of waiting until January!
  4. PR’s! This year is going to be the year of PR’s and more Podium time. Getting faster and stronger this off season. Next year I am in the W40-44 age group. Seriously…can I be that old? But I feel like it’s my year.
  5. Starting my MBA. I was accepted to the University of Utah’s Executive MBA Program. Class of 2018! Excited and nervous to be going back to school.
  6. Take my family on a cruise. Since we’ve been remarried, the six of us haven’t really been on just a family vacation. I don’t count my “tri”cations as vacations. It will be our “Blended” family vacation. haha!
  7. Improve and grow the products I manage at KSL. It’s a big challenge for our team, but we can do it!
  8. Finally get a passion project I’ve been working on, going! More to come on that.

2015 was a great year for myself and for our family. What’s on your bucket list in 2016?