1310757698478_5531281Holy crap! Big milestone this weekend. My first training weekend in St. George for the 70.3 Ironman May 4, 2013. This weekend means I’ll be swimming, running the half marathon course and biking the 56 mile bike course.  YIKES!! I’ve done these all separately, and some together in bite size miles, but not at this magnitude.

My feelings:

  • Scared – I have NEVER done anything like this before.
  • Nervous – Can I actually DO this?
  • Pumped – Excited I am going to try and DO this!

I wouldn’t be here with my amazing supportive husband (he puts up with a lot!), Nichole, my goddess Tri Trainer, my teammates that I workout with at Tri Living It, Jill Carlile my weight trainer, my awesome family, and wonderful friends. You really do need support to do something like this. I am so grateful for my support team and the encouragement they give me.

My goal for the weekend is to FINISH each sport!! Walk, run, crawl or push, I want to complete the each course!

Thought after Lance Armstrong’s admission last night maybe I need some “enhancements”, naw, I’ll stick to good ole fashion hard work.

Hopefully I won’t freeze – at least there will be SUN! Not a huge fan of the cold, especially on the bike.

Well I am off!! Here goes nothing! :)