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It’s hard to believe it’s less than 90 days from the 70.3 Ironman in St. George. The time has flown since I first decided to do this. I’ve been grateful for the last 5 months of training. I’ve seen improvements every week. I am becoming stronger, faster, better… and then I keep pushing myself to go longer, harder and faster. A sweet guy  in my master swim group this morning complimented me on my swim improvements since my first day. It meant a lot coming from him. He has always been a support and cheerleader from the first day I started with the group. Remember that first day, I blogged about it here. 

Since doing a dry run 2 weeks ago in St. George my motivation has increased 200% because the “fear” of the course was removed. My goal is still just to finish. I am competing against myself and nobody else. I’ve been wearing a necklace from a wonderful women I met through Facebook in December. She sent me this necklace about remembering the journey. I’ve been wearing it daily to remind me about my journey and how far I’ve come. I am LOVING my training.  I look forward to it. It energizes me for the day. It used to wipe me out.

It’s awesome to have workout buddies. They push me to be better! Jodi, Mark, Bart, Brad, Gordon, Nichole, Julie, Karen, Olivia, Kristin, & Annelise. Whether it’s the pool, crossfit, running or biking no slackers in this group. Also no egos or attitudes. We are all about support, pushing, cheering on and sharing knowledge.

Never under estimate the power of supporters and stupid criticizers. My family & friends are such a HUGE support to me. It makes training easier when you know they are cheering you on and celebrating your successes with you. Then there are those that are like – you are crazy for doing this, what are you trying to do win?, why are you doing this? etc. To them I say, because I can and I want to!



Someone asked me last week what keeps me motivated. I said, I am seeing results. They may be slow, but it’s happening!

I also feel I am setting a good example for my kids. Teaching them you can achieve anything you set your mind too. Hopefully they are also noticing more healthy habits. ;)

The countdown is on!! Until then, I just keep swimming, biking and running!