Breathing, do you really every think about it?

I didn’t.

Not until I couldn’t, while I exercised.

It sucks to realize that you are inhibited from doing something you WANT because of breathing. I feel like a toddler. Taking it slow, figuring it out like a kid learning to do something again. I now have an inhaler. For some reason, I think this inhaler has magical powers, like I’ll take it an suddenly become Lance Armstrong. Yeah, right. Instead I started to cough and been coughing all day.

Good news – labs came back fine. Nothing crazy there. So what is up with my lungs!! Now off to a specialist to see what is going on.

I had a great bike ride with my coach today, Tri Godness I have name her. Nice to workout with people then by yourself.

I saw this quote today, and realized that my goal is the Ironman. Even though the event is the goal, it’s the journey to this goal that I need to start enjoying more and not look back. Doesn’t matter what I’ve done in the past, it’s what I do in my training NOW that gets me to my goal.