It’s time to lose, lose the weight that is. This week I met with my new nutritional coach, Brad Jensen with THF. Brad is going to help me lose weight and eat better in tandem with my triathlon training.

I need something more custom. I’ve tried the downloadable, one size fits all, it worked for all my other clients type of meal plans and they didn’t work for me. Brad is customizing my meals to my needs and body. He’s also setting me up for success following my achieving goals.  He’s also working with the foods I like. Other people who have offered nutritional coaching just gave me crap for not eating veggies.

It’s Day 2 – Week 1 and so far so good. I thought I would hate unsweetened almond milk and honestly, it’s no big deal. Drinking 96 oz of water is harder than I thought because I forget, then try to get it all in.

Today I am prepping all my meals for the week. Grab and go baby!

This is going to be a challenge over the holidays, but I have this. Come January I’ll be almost to my goal weight when others are just setting their new years resolutions!