HOLY CRAP!! I just registered for the St. George 70.3 Ironman Saturday, May 4, 2013.

I’ve been thinking about it for the last week or so. What else did I have to do while recovering from a hysterectomy and bladder repair? So I dreamt of working out again, when I couldn’t use the bathroom without assistance.  So the idea.. why not a half Ironman.  And not just ANY Half Ironman, the St. George. One of the hardest in the U.S., which just moved from a Full Ironman to a half.

An Ironman 70.3 race consist of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56-mile bike and a 13.1 mile run.

I had signed up on their Facebook page and their newsletter for information just a week ago. TODAY they announced registration opened. In a matter of 30 minutes, I had a decision to make. In or out…….. I am SO BLESSED to have the support of my wonderful fiance and friends that said MEG DO IT!

I’ve done a few tri’s in my day, more for fun and keep me motivated to keep working out. I was excited while I was registering, which by the way is NOT CHEAP. I spent my yard money on an entry fee. Then immediately, I freaked out. What did I just sign up for? Seriously? What makes me think I can do this? I am still kind of in that mode of SHOCK!

Unfortunately, I can’t start working out yet, as I am not fully recovered from my hysterectomy.  Grrrrrr…. oh well. I am using this time to research and create a plan of attack. Self study, books, online, looking for a trainer, a tri group to train with…. I have lots to learn while I am “down”. Plus, I am still trying to believe I am doing this.

Here we go!

Just Tri Girl will document my journey from a “TRI” to just TRYING to train for an 70.3 Ironman.

I am newbie. I have NO idea what I am doing. I am going to learn as I go. If you are newbie or an IRONMAN rockstar, love for you to share your tips, fears and dreams on being an IRONMAN!