I ate broccoli and didn’t die. I know for the average person the fact that I am 36 years old, I should have eaten broccoli by now. But NOPE, this picture above was truly me for 36 years. Any body who has eaten with me or knows me, knows this truth about me.

Why, is what you are probably asking yourself, have I not tried it until now? Because I haven’t. Didn’t eat it as a child, refused to eat it as a teenager or adult. As of yesterday, I was 36 year old veggie virgin. Numerous brow beatings & trainers getting on me didn’t work, until I was ready.

I made a promise to my hubby that I would try broccoli last night with our dinner. When he reminded me of this fact, I gulped. UGH really! I said that? Are you sure? Was I drugged? Okay, fine. (I thought to myself, he’ll see, I’ll pass out or  have a seizure and he’ll never make me do this again.) I took a piece and he waited to see my reaction. It wasn’t horrible. Nobody was more shocked than me. It tasted kind of blah, but I didn’t choke, pass out or die. I didn’t even make a face. In fact, I took some more on my dinner plate and ate it. Can I GET A MEDAL PLEASE?!!

I loathe veggies and fruit. Texture, taste, smell, you NAME IT! The hardest part is realizing that I am 36 and my 2 year old tantums about veggies isn’t going to fly anymore.

I ate  broccoli


Here are the facts: 

1. I am too old to be childish about this.

2. I have NO idea how to buy, prep or cook any type of veggie.

3. I am STUCK at the same weight for the last 3 years.

4. I work my tail off at the gym, but this hot body is hiding under my unwillingness to eat right in the kitchen.

5. If my daughters can eat it, so can mom.

The one thing about all of these eat clean, dieting and healthy programs is they fail to address is how SUCKY veggies really are for some of us. They assume we are going to drop our donuts for asparagus because they say so. It’s FREAKIN HARD!!! Now I don’t eat horrible. Love the protein!! I could eat meat, chicken and fish FOREVER!!

Was yesterday I turning point for me? Yes, it really was. Because realizing that I only hate these foods in my head made me realize that the hot chick trapped inside this body could come out.




Okay, that’s not me, thats fitness model Kaylee Rae Flanagan, but she’s totally hot. She probably eats her veggies. 

Could there be new veggie adventures in my future? I say yes. I’ll take it one bite at a time!


It’s here. 4 months or 16 weeks or 110 days left, either way I slice that pie, it’s the realization that I am closer to my first 70.3 Ironman event and HOLY CRAP!!


Breathe Meg Breathe…..

Our group Tri Living It is going to St. George this weekend for a training weekend. Honestly, I need this weekend, because I have made this event so big in my head I am scared to death of it.

After this weekend there may be some truths:

1. Either my fear will subside or the fear will increase.

2. I’ll be able to do it or I won’t.

3. I’ll freeze (cause in even in St. George.. BRRRR)

4. I’ll cry in my pillow following the weekend events, and then suck it up and realize I have another shot again in a month and I STILL have 15 more weeks before the event.

One thing I know for sure is I am training with some pretty awesome people who inspire me, teach me and motivate me! They’ll wipe the course with me, but it’s okay, I’ll be hanging in there.