Coming back from a week at  Disneyland, my tri friends told me about the Handcart Half Marathon in Bountiful, Utah. I thought, why not? I needed to get a half in for my training for my upcoming Utah Half 70.3 the end of August and running with friends is always fun.

Started out as a great morning, felt rested and ready to run. I started out running with Jodi. Jodi had planned on a negative split. I knew I couldn’t keep up with her, but my goal was to stay with her as long as I could. It lasted about two miles cause she’s an amazing runner.

First 5 miles, I felt strong and good. Miles 6-9, feet were starting to burn. Miles 9-13.1 were painful. When you feel your blisters popping and rubbing, it makes it hard to keep running at a strong pace. I finished, not stellar time but I finished.

They gave wooden carved medals at the finish line. Can’t say I have a wooden medal, but pretty cool.

This was a good flat course. Could of been a good PR for me, instead it was a PW (personal worst). Oh well, live to run another day, right?!

The hardest part was the next few days. Ugh gnarly feet. Need to figure out this foot thing. Need a miracle shoe that feels amazing and makes me fast. Not too much to ask I think.