I am grateful for health. I think this is one that is often overlooked until you are ill or until you have to pay your high medical insurance premiums! :) This year I have had some health challenges. Maybe it’s because I am pushing myself, maybe it was stress or maybe it is because I am getting old! In less than 30 days, the age creeps up a notch. YIKES!

As I move from my early 30’s to my later 30’s, I look at my parents and grandparents and want to live long and healthy like them. Thank goodness they’ve just had minor health challenges. I want to have good health in my older years. I know it starts with things I do today.

I also know I have to stop being a child about veggies and fruit. UGH! My body has stalled out and I know it’s because it’s not getting what it needs. I am really making an effort to do better in this department.

I have amazing trainers, Nichole and Jill. More on them another day because I am so very grateful to know these amazing women. I couldn’t do what I am doing with out them PUSHING ME!

I am going to make an honest statement. I’ve been kind of flakey in my training. Putting other priorities ahead of my training or letting things give me an excuse. {Like it’s windy and snowing and I don’t want to leave my warm bed to do Crossfit at 5:15 am on a Friday morning. SORRY NICHOLE for missing!) It hit me running on the treadmill today, it comes from mostly from fear, and partly feeling selfish. This Ironman SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!! Since signing up for this race, I have been so shocked I actually signed up, I think I have been self sabotaging. Instead of thinking, I CAN DO THIS! I keep making jokes about barely crossing the finish line. Instead of thinking, I could go and kick some ass!

GULP! That was REALLY hard to admit!

No more excuses. Tomorrow is a new day! I am not waiting until Monday to get back on the wagon, I am starting with tomorrow’s workout and eating better. I only have 175 more days!

[ujicountdown id=”Countdown for St. George 70.3 Ironman” expire=”2013/05/04 00:00″ hide = “true”]

EVERY DAY COUNTS!!! This saying below is my new motto! Not only with training but with my job, my kids, my family and MY LIFE!

I am not getting any younger. This 70.3 Ironman is on my BUCKET LIST, it’s time to not only cross it off, but do it STRONG!