My friends are always there in good or bad times, ups and downs, and sorrows and happiness. I am so lucky to have friends that make my life better!

Some friends know me in and out, some know me more than I know myself. Some friends make the happy moments happier and make the bad times a little less bad just by their presence, this is the magic of friendships! Some are new friendships and some are old ones. My friends stretch from East Coast to West Coast. Some are closer than others, some I lean on for support, and others for a laugh!

Each friend is near and dear to me. I would do anything for my friends! Thank you SO MUCH to my wonderful friends! I love you so much!!

To my best friend Heather, THANK YOU for being you! You are my BFF and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you!!

I am grateful that I can catch up with most of my friends on Facebook, if not, that would make me sad.

Here are just a few of my pictures of my friends. These pictures in NO way encompass all of my friends nor all the wonderful moments I have shared! Just a glimpse of cool people I love, and what I had on this computer at the time of writing this post. :) It also made me realize I need to take more pictures with my friends or that I don’t have pictures of some of you!!