The day after this election, I feel like we are nation divided. That makes me sad. Whether your candiate won or lost, our nation is in trouble! To me, it’s not about putting all your faith in what one man will or won’t do as president. It’s about raising a generation of good, smart children to lead our future by cultivating their creativity, hopes and dreams!

Between the President, Congress, Wall Street, Big Business, you name it – one word GREED! Our wonderful country needs to change! But all I can change is what happens in my world of influence

I am a concerned citizen, don’t get me wrong,  I worry about my children’s future in this country, I know I can’t control 99% of what happens in government and I know that as a small business owner, my goal is to provide for my family.

With that, I am grateful to live in a country where we can vote, we can speak our mind (even if it get’s annoying on Facebook), and we can share our opinions!