Tristyn is my little fireball. Her personality is so big for her tiny little body. Along with her big personality, she is a sensitive LOVING girl. Her heart is full of love. She’s the first to offer to help to her teacher and her mom, she loves snuggles and big hugs! I believe this little girl feels things so deeply. There have been times when I have been sad and she says “Mom, don’t cry, it hurts my heart!” In the next heartbeat, she’s the life of the party!

She LOVES Minecraft. If you don’t know what this is. You are LUCKY! It’s a game that she is obsessed with. It’s funny to listen to her and her friends while they play. It can also get very annoying as her excitement CARRIES though the entire house! haha! When she’s plays it, it’s like she is running air traffic control. Laptop, computer, headphones, and ipod. Apparently, it takes a lot of electronics to coordinate this game! :)

She loves legos! Loves creating and building things from legos, pictures, crafts, you name it! She’s resourceful and very creative!

Because she’s the little sister, she looks up to her big sister. Always wanting to hear the latest jr. high gossip. My favorite times with Tristyn are when we are driving places, our conversations are hilarious. She opens my mind to new ideas, challenges me and makes every day a new adventure.

I AM SO HONORED to be Tristyn’s mom. I love you sweetheart! My life wouldn’t be complete without YOU!!

I love you mom!!