I grew up in Taylorsville Utah. I am the oldest of three girls.  My childhood was great. My Dad worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield and my mom stayed home with us. It was awesome!

I grew up a few houses down from my Aunt Marlene & Uncle Ron, and cousins Lance & Melissa. It’s awesome growing up with your cousins down the street. My Aunt and Uncle are like second parents. I love them very much. I look forward to my regular lunches with Melissa, she’s more like a sister than a cousin. I miss Lance every day. I am so happy I grew up and remain so close to them.  Their influence and love shaped my life.

Our neighborhood was full of kids, and my best friend lived right next door. Being a kid was fantastic in this neighborhood. {This is why today, I don’t understand why kids don’t “play” outside. We’d be gone all day, oh how the world has changed. Now kids text. Playing outside was a lot more fun!}

As a kid, you don’t truly realize the importance of family. You assume they’ll always be there. You are just too young to see the big picture. As I get older, I’ve realized how important family is and how they affect your life. I am grateful for having a close family. My mom, sisters and I have long standing traditions each year, Nordstrom sale, Swiss Days, & Black Friday. I look forward to those events every year when we take a break from our busy lives and just laugh and shop!

As I have gone through trials in my life, they have been right there for me. My sisters are my friends and that I am very grateful for. I have many friends who speak of the drama in their families, I’ve witnessed unnecessary drama in other families and thankful my family  has very little of it. We are wacky, but that’s our charm!


My middle sister is Tiffany. Her and her husband Brody  have two kids, Makaylee and Carson. Love those little munchkins. She teaches Jr. High and he teaches high school. God bless them both for those careers.

My baby sister is Ashley. Her and her husband Cory have three boys, Bridger, Paxon & Kade (or Kader as I like to call him). Love those boys!!!! My sister is a strong cookie for taking care of them by herself while her husband is gone for long periods of time for his work. It’s great her job allows her to do hair from her home.

My dad is retired. He air golf’s and purchases Apple products to pass the time. Just kidding about the Apple products, not the air golf! :) My mom works at Skyline High School guiding young minds to careers past high school. They are wonderful parents. I hope they are proud of the daughter I turned out to be. You have to have one of your children make it hard on you, right?!  That was my job growing up. :)

My grandparents are still kicking in their late 80’s. My grandpa is getting ready to turn 90 in February. Love them!! You realize their time on earth is limited. I enjoy the moments we spend with them. I am grateful my girls know their “great” grandparents, as not many kids do. I hope as I get older, I have the same sense of humor they do about getting old. My favorite quote from my grandpa is when people see them at funerals is “Better to be seen, than viewed.” hahaha!!

I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my aunts, uncles and cousins. Some close, some far but between Facebook, lunches, phone calls, and texts we keep in touch and that makes me really happy. I love them and they all bring into my life.

I am grateful for my family!