Deciding to hire a trainer is like buying a house. You kind of know what you want, but there is everything from cookie cutter to custom, plus packages, upgrades and discounts.. OH MY!

I have hired trainers in the past. They were good. They trained me more in a group setting, which worked for me at the time. What frustrated me was the “group” mentality of one size fits all. We all know Meg is not a one size fits all. So then I got frustrated because I couldn’t seem to “get over that hump” if you will in my training. Then I met these two women!

Jill was the “secret” of the all hot mom’s in Daybreak. She has been shaping hot mom’s in South Jordan for years. Jill has the best word of mouth because when you see your hot friend and say ” you look great” their reply is “I workout with Jill!” WHO IS JILL?!! FINALLY, I got to meet Jill when I got an introduction from my sister in law Emilie. It’s who ya know! :) Jill Carlile owns Strong Life Fitness. Jill is a weight loss story herself. I have been working out with her since this spring. She is my weight training coach and dear friend. I don’t hold it against her that she likes BYU. WAIT BOTH my trainers like BYU?! Weird. But seriously, Jill amazing! I love her dearly. She pushes me to be stronger and better! You can count on her and she holds you accountable. Remember my flakey post on day 9, she’s so supportive and understanding even when I am being flakey! :) If you want to lose weight and get some muscle, see Jill. Tell her Meg sent ya. I’ll see ya there cause I’ll be lifting too!


After my hysterectomy and on loads of pain killers, I called Shane and said “I am going to do a 70.3 Ironman. Not just any Ironman, but the St. George 70.3 Ironman on May 4, 2013!” Of course, because he’s supportive he said Ok! I can only imagine what he was thinking. Then I signed up. A few days later – WTF????!!! DID I DO????!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I started to search out a trainer to help me with this new goal. I reached out to a few people and heard nothing. {Seriously, someone contacts you for business and you don’t want it… ok!} BUT it worked out BETTER because I found my WONDERFUL trainer Nichole through a VERY random internet search. Emailed her and the rest of history. Nichole is the owner of Tri Living It. She’s a bad ass in Tri’s. Did I mention she’s freaking amazing. She’s competed in the World Championships and she rocks as a trainer! I get personalized training schedules EVERY week. She kicks my butt, and is a fabulous support, we have become fast friends! Training for this is one of the hardest things I have EVER done!! It’s one of the biggest personal goals I am trying to achieve next year.

I don’t have a picture of me with Nichole yet. I need to get one because I need proof she was my trainer and my friend! :) I want to be her when I grow up. I have my tri training wheel’s on. She’s the real deal! Thanks Nichole for everything you’ve done so far for me.

I am SO grateful to know these two incredibly talented experts in their fields! I am so blessed and honored to have them train me. Which back to my flakey post, I need to get my rear in gear to fully utilize their talents on my body!