As a follow up to Day 9’s post, I kicked some butt this morning on my 2 hour bike ride! :)

Today, I am grateful for my extended family I married into this summer, The Johnsons.

My in-laws, Nancy & Tiz have accepted the girls and I in like family from day one. I am so grateful for their love for me and my girls and the wonderful example they are. They are generous beyond words and do anything for their family. And Nancy makes yummy turkey sandwiches! Just sayin!!

Derek & Rekehl, Adam & Emilie and all the kids, the girls and I love you guys so much! Thank you for welcoming us in the family.  They taught me the love of playing card games! Playing cards with the Johnson’s is fun, heated and comical at times, it’s always good for laughs! It’s wonderful to have two incredible brother in laws and two amazing sister in laws!!!

I am so grateful for them!! Love you ALL!!