Look what I’ve been eating!!

Some people call them Super Foods. I “call” them super yucky. BUT I have been adding more of these super foods to my diet in the form of a smoothie. Why a smoothie? Because right now, the thought of eating this items not blended into tiny particles makes me want to gag. Sad… but true.

My blender died last week. What did mean? CHUNKS! BIG NASTY CHUNKS in my shake. YIKES!! Immediately had to get the Ninja blender. Anything named Ninja has to be totally awesome.

LOVE my new Ninja blender! I am pretty sure I can put anything into that bad boy and drink it. More to come on this.

Confessions and Impressions: 

  1. My girls freak out when they see all the spinach I put in my smoothies. If you know your primary colors then you know green (spinach) + blue (blueberries) = shit color.
  2. Over the first few days, I felt like this smoothie should be called the “Anti Constipation Diet.” Hello many visits to the bathroom!
  3. I admit that my prior bad eating habits had so many carbs that I’d shit a brick a every few weeks. So the second option is better.
  4. I have thought about throwing away the secret stash of Halloween peanut butter eggs hiding in my drawer beside my bed. I should have a funeral service for them and spread the ashes over a case of spinach. But nope, I might need those eggs during a spinach crisis or when the world ends in 21 days.

BONUS: My aversion to Aspargus has changed too. I have moved from drowning it in ranch dressing to eating it pain or with some balsamic. It is a HUGE improvement!  You are probably asking your self, so of all the fruits available to mankind, Meagen, you only eat spinach, blueberries and asparagus. That’s it? Yes it is. Don’t judge. 2 months ago, I didn’t eat any of that either! Progress my friends, progress. Those of you who have dined with me, know these things to be fact!

So regardless of whether I’m uninflamed, getting healthy, developing ninja skills for my upcoming Ironman or just using the bathroom regularly, I love that this smoothie makes sense and promotes healthy, clean eating.  It’s packed with good stuff, and let’s face it I don’t eat stuff that good for you. So I am all over this smoothie and some aspargus with dinner. Of course you can’t have one bowl of blueberries and be done. This has to be a long term commitment. (At least that’s what I tell myself everytime I make it.)

I do try to eat well. I can cook the proteins baby! Our family tries to cook from scratch 96% of the time. I don’t do it all perfectly, but I am trying. That’s half the battle.

I mean come on, I don’t eat Crisco straight from the jar.