I am a nobody, not a PH.D or life coach, just an average chick trying to do the right things and make my mark in this life. But as I leave one chapter of my life and venture into a new one, I have been reflecting on lessons learned and focusing on the amazing possibilities and opportunities for the future.

This post is a little different from what I normally post. I felt compelled to share my thoughts today. I was reflecting on the change that has taken place over the last few years and lately I have been discussing with several dear friends and family the struggles they are having too.  I was thinking a lot about struggles and attitude. Each of us has trials, baggage, issues, problems, despair, conflict and financial, physical, mental and spiritual challenges we face every day. And some days, it feels like it hits ALL at once! But despite these challenges, I am moved by the strength I see in others.  I hope I do and show others how much I appreciate them and can be there for them in their time of need. I am shocked at my own personal strength. I realize the strength I have comes from foundation of love and support from my incredible circle of friends and family. It is powerful what a good attitude can do! I am grateful that over the last few years and especially the last few months so many wonderful people have extended generous outreach, love and support of me and my girls.

It is easy to get trapped in your own little world. Not seeing the forest for the trees. I admit, I have been guilty of that more than I’d like to count. I have had conflicts, made bad decisions, been hurt deeply by others actions and words and often wondered where do I go from here. I have also seen the ignorance and stupidity of others. I know we are given obstacles and trials to test our resilience, love, our relationships, strengths and weaknesses. Challenges bring out the best or worst in people, and either is okay. It is really about the journey: good or bad. The times of trial have made me appreciate the good times more.

It’s amazing how so many things just “work out” or timing is perfect. The old saying “everything happens for a reason” has become so clear to me!!

Some of the lessons I have learned, for better or worse:

  • Put memories first! Work is important. Balancing work and family is a daily juggling act.  But careers, jobs, clients and work comes and goes, the memories with your family and friends lasts forever. 
  • Family Forever: Most people think family is just your kids or your parents and siblings. Family is Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Cousins, Grandparents and more! I have a supportive and wonderful family. I feel lucky to have the close relationships with ALL of my extended family. I look forward to my lunches with my cousins! To have an Aunt and Uncle, as close as my own parents and amazing grandparents who are still alive. 
  • Stuff is just stuff. As I have been cleaning and packing for the move, I have found things that at one time seemed very important and now are collecting dust, and have been thrown out or donated.
  • My Kids are a Blessing: I learn from my girls every day. They are my daily gift. I am honored to be their mother! 
  • All relationships are precious. I look at my friends and family and even my Facebook friends and personally know every single person. I have a connection, memory or special relationship with each and every person. Some of the memories are wonderful and some not so wonderful. Either way, everyone I have met came into my life for a purpose. I am a grateful for each of them.
  • Grateful for Mentors & Role Models: There are several people in my life which I am truly grateful. They have taught, helped or shaped me in so many ways. I will be personally thanking those people this year. 
  • Always tell the ones you love “I Love You” often: One regret I have was not telling my cousin how much I loved him and how much he contributed to the woman I am today. Those I love probably get tired of hearing how much I love them. I don’t care, they need to know!
  • Starting over can be a blessing. As my life started to impload, I remember thinking, I am too old to “start over”.  Today, I realize, I am not starting over. It’s all part of the journey, I am just taking a new road. I am excited about the new road! It motivates me every day!
  • Never under estimate yourself. I surprise myself all the time. 
  • Stop fearing: Fear is the easy way out. Having faith, standing up for what is right and doing the hard work pays off, even though the road my be bumpy.
  • It’s okay to trust: This was a hard one for me for awhile. When trust is broken, it is really hard to trust again. I can see how people can turn into bitter, cynical people. I work every day to see the best in people and trust them unless they give me a reason not to.
Last but not certainty least! 
  • True Love Exists! True Love is a gift. Love is so powerful.  I am in awe of how deeply and completely you can love someone and be loved in return! While so many strive for this precious gift, I am eternally grateful and blessed to have found true love and give it fully and completely. 
More lessons to come in my life I am sure of that and more adventures to be had! As I write the next few chapters in my life’s book, I am so excited for what’s ahead!