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You are viewing 30 Days of Thankful.

Day 14: My Clients

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You may or may not know, I own a publishing company with my partner Karen. We have published hundreds of authors.

Day 12: My Trainers

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Deciding to hire a trainer is like buying a house. You kind of know what you want, but there is everything from cookie cutter to custom,

Day 10# My Extended Family

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As a follow up to Day 9’s post, I kicked some butt this morning on my 2 hour bike ride!

Day 9: Health & A Confession

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I am grateful for health. I think this is one that is often overlooked until you are ill or until you have to pay your high medical insurance premiums!

Day 8: My Friends

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My friends are always there in good or bad times, ups and downs, and sorrows and happiness. I am so lucky to have friends that make my life better!

Day 7: Freedom

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The day after this election, I feel like we are nation divided. That makes me sad. Whether your candiate won or lost,