eeadceb8e4d35be54f7633d2c272d39eIt can’t be roses all the time. Coming off an emotionally awesome weekend, I find myself lower today. Mentally and physically. My body is tired. My mind tired. I was running today and all I could think about was my knee hurt, I am tired, I have no business training for this race. It sucks when your inner voice is trying to keep you down. When just 3 days ago, my mind was telling me I was a stud, you can do this and you are amazing.

I few things led to this “down” day if you will:

  • Learned some folks were talking crap about me. That hurt. I am not perfect. I have my moments.
  • My body is tired. I am hungry and all I want is an Astro Cheeseburger with fries.
  • I am so driven in a few areas that I am easily frustrated with a few things right now.
  • I need an attitude adjustment.

I will bounce back, we all do. I was reading an article today about Pressing Reset, it hit home. I need a reset. I think I need a massage and a bowl of Ice Cream. That would help me reset. Okay, not really, it would be quickly followed by self loathing.

I liked this quote !!



Right now I am working on such a labor of love I can hardly contain myself. It’s killing me and I love every minute of it too. I’ll be sharing it within the next week. I want this so bad, I think impatience has already taken over.

Okay, enough complaining. How am I going to make this better:

  • Going to take a warm shower,
  • Just might schedule a massage
  • May enjoy some birthday cake tonight
  • Go visit a friend who did injure herself and cheer her up!


Luckily when you have bad days, you have people who do love you, listen to you babble, support you and give you a big hug when you need it!!