When I run, I usually put my phone in my bra. I know, it’s wrong, but I do. But honestly, when I run I like to carry the key to my house, my phone, credit card (in case I need water or have a chocolate craving), but how much can one girl put in her ta ta’s? Putting my phone in my bra was better than having it jiggle in my pants while I ran. And my key and credit card had to go in my socks. Because let’s face it, most running clothes don’t have pockets, and running with purse doesn’t work.

I first heard about FlipBelt from a friend of mine while browsing a running store. Initially, I thought it was cool, but I wondered how comfortable can that be REALLY around your muffin top? With the slits in the band, I was also worried my stuff would fall out while I ran, so I passed at buying one.

Then, I had the PLEASURE of receiving a FlipBelt to try out myself, so I put it to the test.

What I was I looking for:

  • Comfort
  • Easy of Use
  • Could it really hold all my crap

So I loaded it up and went for a 4 mile run. This is my new must have running gear! Check out this video to see how it works.

3 Reasons You’ll Flip Over the FlipBelt

  1. The belt stays PUT and is comfortable with no bounce, just like they said. It actually sits comfortably on your hips, muffin top or waist.
  2. You can fill it! I tested this thing to the MAX. Even with all the stuff, it felt comfortable.
  3. It’s washable- thank goodness because my run tested its “moisture-wicking” feature for sure.

IMG_9216 IMG_9214wearingflipbeltusingflipbelt

PLUS! You can conceal the flip belt or wear it out for everyone to see, depending on your outfit. It’s a super great gift for anyone who has a runner on their gift list- Christmas, Birthday, or Valentines Day. Not just for running, I am going to take my FlipBelt on my trip to Disneyland this summer with the family. I am also going to use it when I lift at the gym. What a great way to keep my phone and music close, plus my gym card and car key without taking a bulky bag.

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What are all the ways you can use your FlipBelt? Comment below.